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  1. Alfa

    AMSTERDAM, Netherlands -- A Dutch magazine was including an unusual freebie
    with its latest issue - two marijuana seeds in a small plastic bag.

    Nieuwe Revu Editor-in-Chief Mark Koster said the move was a publicity stunt
    accompanying the January 26 issue, which advocates legalising marijuana and
    other banned substances.

    Although Holland is famous for tolerating the sale of small amounts of
    marijuana and hashish in coffee shops, both are technically illegal and the
    government prosecutes possession of more than several grams.

    "We're saying, stop the war on drugs, which costs a fortune and there are
    no results," Koster said.

    Koster said public prosecutors usually ignore the sale of marijuana seeds
    and had not contacted the magazine about the stunt.

    But several major supermarket chains either removed the seeds or kept the
    issue off the shelves.

    He said the seeds were "OK" in quality.

    "We had an expert test them, and he said they were a four out of five,"
    Koster said.


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