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  1. DocBrock
    That is some hold you got there mister!
    Just got back from riding on a bus for the first time in ages -without- anxiety wrecking it. Instead of feeling good and proud, one more little step, I run to the bloody am TO GET A TRIP IN BEFORE THE WIFE CATCHES YOU WIPED OUT!

    10mg smoked with tobacco, half it left, so not sure of dose, but low.

    Fuck me, no substance got this strong a hold so fast before.Coming up fast now.
    Time is now fucked O'Clock.14:45
    14:59 time spazzed.
    UFO seriously good head trip music. Crunchy rock.
    14.59 is lasting very long
    15.00 lasting agess too. Time spazzed in to quanta. Appear to have missed a few.
    15.05 was an hour. lost bittymiddlybits somewhere.
    15.07 audible click on roll-over to 15.07.
    15.12 Yeah, pretty much here.

    15.12 playing silly buggers. Ahh, there you are 15.13
    15.13 ooh, time spazzed again. Not quite down am I.
    15.14 No I'm not.
    15.17 just watched 15.16 roll by in a millisecond.
    15.17 run xclock. Check. Time is fucked. Crunchy quanta.
    15.19 even the second hand on my analogue watch is jerking by in 2 second quanta.
    15.19 taking pee now.
    15.20 candidate longest minute ever
    15.20 wins.
    15.20 took me 21 seconds to type both the above.
    15.21 am now down. Ooh, 15.22 Nope, down now.

    Cold and cotton mouthy. Not happy gave in, but pleasant trips.
    Bollocks, must move to trip reports.


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