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  1. honourableone
    LEICESTER East MP Keith Vaz has welcomed news that a dance drug is to be banned – but said it should have been made illegal earlier.

    GBL, used by clubbers as a substitute for banned drug GHB, will be placed in Class C, meaning users could be punished with a two-year jail term and dealers with 14 years.

    The drug caused the death of medical student Hester Stewart, 21, of Brighton, in April.

    Health Secretary Alan Johnson has said that GBL and two other so-called "legal highs" – cannabis substitute Spice and BZP, an amphetamine replacement – should be classified as Class C drugs.

    Mr Vaz, also chairman of the Home Affairs Select Committee, wrote to Mr Johnson after meeting Hester's mother Maryon.

    He said: "I am delighted the Home Secretary has finally accepted it must be banned. It is extremely unfortunate that the Home Office did not act on the advice of the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs in August 2008. This drug should have been banned much earlier."

    Mrs Stewart said: "I think GBL is every bit as dangerous as heroin and ecstasy, if not more so.

    "Because it's lethal when combined with alcohol it should be a Class A drug."

    By the Leicester Mercury, August 26th 2009
    Original source: http://www.thisisleicestershire.co....-8211-Vaz/article-1284738-detail/article.html


  1. Makesmefeelbig
    This article has so many utterly absurd quotations I'm not sure where to start... Since when was "ecstasy" as dangerous as heroin? That is massively offensive to users of both MDMA and GBL. In fact, it's even kind of offensive to heroin users to imply that GBL has the same risk of overdose or addiction.
  2. EscapeDummy
    ...That's stupid. So he's complaining that it wasn't made illegal earlier, wtf?

    Great news! With the average violent criminal serving <10 years jail time, the turnover rate is too high. We need nonviolent GBL dealers to make up the difference and stay in jail.

    Every bit as dangerous as ecstasy? Meaning far less dangerous than alcohol?

    Excuse me? ...dunno what to even say
  3. cannabis-sam
    Alcohol can be lethal with most drugs including prescription medication, but why are they asking for GBL to banned and not alcohol?
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