Dang no wonder i'm confused.

By knightsmith · Jun 1, 2012 ·
  1. knightsmith
    Hey Guys

    I just thought i'd let you know i've been getting very very confused lately, and when someone has sent me a PM, its gone through to my email instead, thus not getting to read what you wrote, which meants me asking twice or even three times the same question via pm/chat.

    I'm going to try and not take things as serious, I know the mods have gone out of their way to explain things, if I get more money i'll make another contribution to support the site that supports me.

    Also I read some of my pms the other day that I wrote, and my typing, wow, I was really bad that day. So yes sleeping through a whole day, yeah, you guessed.

    I also know theres been chat lately about boundaries. Whilst I will keep within the rules, I want to keep promises i've made to current contacts. So support still stands, I just do not know for sure that i'm "alllowed" to continue offsite contact to the people who ALREADY contacted me before the rule was pointed out to everyone.

    Someone brought up today something about dating. If 1 person can think that, then I need to clarify something.

    Peope are easily suspicious these days, you have to, to survive, i'm not looking to date anyone, i'm needing serious help (counselling), and I need a friend.. I've always got on with females better, but i'm not looking for anything else, who knows what will happen years later, but I wanted to say i'm keeping my word on promises made. (Unless mods think all contact should cease with people I already speak with) So I hope this puts anyone whos concerned specifically about me at rest. Whilst not disrespecting anyone in a PM isn't proof of my character, we're not meeting. I doubt i'd find my soul mate here if I had one. I will always ask for advice though some of you women are marvelous at that, i'll never forget advice from kailey, and advice about my butt, and yeah everyone else lol.

    I hope I won't be in trouble for posting this, but I needed to say it, i'm not worried personally, but I wanted to assure you all, i'm going to stay in boundaries.

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