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  1. chillinwill
    A potentially lethal plant fertiliser used to get a legal high can be delivered for free in Leeds, a YEP investigation has found.

    Police have issued stark warnings about the misuse of Mephedrone – which has street names including MCAT, Meow, and Mieow, Mieow – by teenagers.

    A website by the name of XXX offers the plant fertiliser in crystalline form and guarantees it to be 99.8 per cent pure.

    It promises a "fast, reliable, next day delivery service" in the Leeds area, with free delivery before 6pm and a fee of £5 anytime after.

    The plant feed is sold in grams and the firm offers a special offer for
    the festive season stating: "Give your plants a great Christmas!" with a photograph of a lush garden alongside a pile of the powdered drug on what appears to be a mirrored surface.

    The Christmas deal states if customers buy 5g, they get 1g free and if they buy 10g, they get 2g free.

    When the YEP contacted the firm on Friday a woman answered the phone but then the line went dead.

    An email reply from the firm sent later the same day said: "Sorry that you got hung up on earlier but we've had so many calls over the last week from the press that it's wearing a bit thin.

    "We do everything we can to ensure that people don't misuse our products which are for plant fertilization purposes only.

    "When someone orders Mephedrone from us they are explicitly agreeing to our terms and conditions which state very clearly that they agree that our product will only be used for it's intended, legitimate purpose – botanical use.

    "Unfortunately there will always be a minority of people who will abuse products like glue and solvents, and now even plant fertilizer.

    "If we even slightly suspect anyone is going to misuse our product, for example if a customer asked a question which led us to believe they are not going to use it for plant fertilization, we would categorically refuse to sell it to them."

    Mephedrone can cause a range of side-effects thought to include nose bleeds and burns, hallucinations, blood circulation problems, rashes, anxiety and paranoia, fits, delusions, and taking it can lead to a heart attack according to experts.

    Police, Kirklees Council and Lifeline-Kirklees are all backing a poster being distributed across the Kirklees district entitled "What's getting up your nose".

    It is currently legal but the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs' (ACMD) is set to review Mephedrone, which could lead to it being made illegal.

    By Jo Francisco and Katie Baldwin
    December 21, 2009
    Yorkshire Evening Post


  1. fnord
    With this new trend of selling RC's as plant ferts im wondering what would happen if one fed there plant some meph and it died. Would the company be held responsible?

    I wonder who in there right mind could try to say that in a serius manner without laughing hysterically.
  2. prospero
    Yes, the press exposure on Mephedrone is building up relentlessly, which can only bring foreward the day it gets banned...
  3. MrG
    Again with the 'Plant Fertiliser' misinformation! Oy!
  4. anonuser30500
    Anyone selling mephedrone as plant fertiliser is pretty much lying through their teeth big time.

    Mephedrone has never been part of the horticultural scene and if Swim had a gram of this stuff he would actually feed it to a plant, just to see what happens.

    If the plant dies or nothing happens, I could demand my cash back.

    Swim wonders if anyone really naive has actually bought a gram thinking it really was going to make your plants grow lush and healthy?
  5. chillinwill
    Legal highs delivered straight to your door by Birmingham firm

    A LEGAL high linked to the death of a 14-year-old girl is flooding into the Midlands – and can be delivered straight to your door.

    Mephedrone, which has the street name Meow Meow, has spread rapidly through clubland where it is being used instead of Ecstasy and cocaine.
    It has similar effects to the Class A drugs, including heightened emotions and feelings of empathy, but users face no risk of prosecution.

    And dealers are legally making fortunes out of pushing the party powder at £15 per gram through websites, where it is advertised as plant fertilizer.

    FunkyCat Birmingham is one of the firms offering to deliver the chemical direct to your home – and even has a Facebook site for customers to place orders.

    It says: “The best Mephedrone money can buy delivered directly to your door... 100% high quality uncut products designed to wake up and refresh your plants beyond belief!

    “Same day delivery in the Birmingham area. Get your orders in now in time for the weekend and have those catnip plants buzzing!”

    We posed as a buyer and sent an email to the company. A representative replied within hours to arrange a time and place for the drop.

    A chatty courier delivered the drugs to a bogus West Midlands address, even asking for a signature to confirm delivery before taking our £15 and heading off to his next customer.

    The courier admitted: “I’ve been very busy because it’s the weekend coming up.

    “It’s good stuff to be honest, I can see why everyone is going for it. Enjoy!”

    Mephedrone, which has a molecular structure almost identical to pure Ecstasy, first appeared in the UK last summer after being manufactured in laboratories in China. It was an instant hit with students and clubbers due to its strong effects and low price.

    One club bartender in the student party city Nottingham said: “It’s massive in the club where I work. People are dealing it in their student halls and making an absolute killing.”

    Mephedrone’s legal status is thought to have fuelled its rise in popularity. But safety fears were raised after 14-year-old Gabrielle Price died when she took a cocktail of drugs, including Meow Meow, at a house party in Brighton in December.

    And a month earlier another user reportedly ripped off his own scrotum after hallucinating for 18 hours after taking the legal high.

    Last night, substance abuse experts called for the substance to be banned by the Government.

    Martin Barnes, chief executive of DrugScope, said: “The Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs is set to report on Mephedrone at the end of the month.

    “It is likely they will recommend the drug is banned and we would support this.”

    FunkyCat Birmingham defended the sales of Meow Meow. A spokesman said: “Unfortunately, it’s been getting a lot of bad press, mostly because people abuse it.

    “As with anything, if you don’t know where to draw the line it’s bound to have detrimental affects.

    “Many people have reported good feedback, but that never seems to get written about.

    “We are not trying to glorify this product, we do not push sales, sell in clubs and all of our products are 100 per cent purity uncut.

    “One of the little unknown facts about Mephedrone is that it’s not meant to be mixed with alcohol as it causes nausea. Users are also advised to drink plenty of water before and after use.

    “The bottom line is it’s all about doing something responsibly and respecting your drug, whether it’s smoking, drinking or legal highs.”

    by Jonny Greatrex
    March 7, 2010
    Sunday Mercury
  6. MrG
    Ah yes, the ol' 'one user ripped off his own scrotum' myth being regurgitated as 'fact'.

    Don't you just love objective, factual, journalism? Shame this isn't anything like it.
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