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  1. seeingred
    Swim's younger brother convinced her not to smoke anymore. So she threw out the American Spirits. Now swim wants to start smoking because swim is at home a lot and bored...there's not enough to do around the house. Swim can't drive.

    Swim has been doing too much xanax. The xanax gets rid of all the anxiety, swim can feel normal but everything starts feeling like a drag.
    Although swim is calm, the motivation for going to film school and everything has sort of left.
    This is terrible. Swim is thinking of moving to LA in the fall and this almost is starting to feel ridiculous.

    Although, swim has been much more stable now. There are no problems with hearing interference in people's talking or on the radio. Swim is upset for no reason at all. There's nothing to kill the pain.

    Swim took Vicodin and it made it all go away and wants it back. Also, it made the anxiety go away- weird huh. Well why does swim have so many issues. Swim hasn't done drugs before so the issues almost seem to be a lack of good drugs...maybe she'll try mdma therapy!!!!

    Swim is journaling in a book she got for a dollar almost every day since she got home.
    It's helping a lot. Swim may try to make LSA out of morning glories in the future. But is this a good plan for someone with a diagnosis of schizophrenia? Not sure...

    Probably not. :p

    Swim is getting a story published and is happy about that....other than that....we are getting a new puppy and that is all that's on swim's mind. Life is good, and sux at the same time.

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  1. MiMoMo
    SWIY writes with a nice pizazz, no wonder SWIY's story is being published. What might it be about? SWIM is curious as to what SWIY's baby bro' did to convince SWIM to release her (American) spirit. Very intrigued the nature of that communication. Personal journaling is a priceless treasure, cutely ironic that its in a book costing only a dollar. Congratulations on the new canine compadre! Seeing life through an baby animal's eyes is rejuvenating.
  2. Metomni
    Journaling is always good, that's one of the few things that actually settles SWIM down when he needs it. Try keeping a dream diary as well, if you appreciate journaling, they're really soothing and nice.

    LSA was one of SWIM's first ventures, he had tried mushrooms and salvia before he ate the morning glories if he remembers correctly, but it was a very soothing, if not underwhelming and fun experience. Just be careful with the seeds SWIY ingests.

    Good luck with everything, look to the trees and the moon when times get really tough. :)
  3. The Dreamer
    My cat gets upset without reason at times. I think its because the world he lives in is constantly something worth crying about. Not that his life is that sad, that's just how everyday life seems to him.

    The only advice I can offer is to give yourself lots of opportunities to cry and be sad. Watch sad movies and hug friends. Talk to people about dead loved ones. Read sad epic novels. And then at other times decide that you're going to be happy without reason. Seems like the more I choose to cry the less I cry when I'm choosing not to.

    Oh and MG seeds we're too psychedelic for my cat. He found them to be more of a high. So I think they should be alright. Swim should be careful though.
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