Danish Court Says Christiania Residents Have No Right to It

By ThirdEyeFloond · May 29, 2009 · ·
  1. ThirdEyeFloond

    A Danish court has ruled that the residents of Copenhagen's Christiania neighborhood have no right to use the property they have called home since 1971. The ruling opens the way for the government to regain control of the hippie enclave.

    Nearly 40 years ago, Copenhagen counterculture activists invaded a disused former naval base and created the self-governing community of Christiania in the heart of the city. More than 900 residents lived an anarchic, self-governing existence, complete with the famous Pusher Street, where cannabis merchants openly sold their wares.

    But in 2004, the Danish government moved to reassert control over Christiania with an eye to redeveloping the property. It has also forced the shutdown of Pusher Street, resulting in clashes with police. But residents didn't respond only with rocks; they filed a lawsuit in 2006 seeking to block the government from reasserting control.

    On Tuesday, the Danish Eastern High Court dismissed the lawsuit. But residents had expected that ruling, Christiania spokesman Thomas Ertman told the Associated Press. "I believe that we will appeal the case" to Denmark's highest court, the Supreme Court, he said.

    "No Danes are above the law, neither are the residents of Christiania," said Peter Christensen, a senior member of the ruling Liberal Party. "I am very satisfied that the ruling came out this way."


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  1. sunyata
    Swim was there to see it happen; first the pushers tore down their own stands, switching to a more mobile form, with tables next to burning garbage bins where the stash could easily be dropped in case of a raid.
    Then the Police came and arrested all the pushers, they had apparently put surveilance on a lot of Christiana and it turned out that some of the people who were working for the pushers were actually police. Swim remembers one of the guys working in the ALIS stand waving the police in and showing them a lot of the stashes. A policeman who had been selling cannabis for quite some time.

    And then....then it was chaos, young undisciplined pushers battling for territory, the quality of hash dropped, prices went up, violence increased and swim left.

    Pusher street was not free from problems, but it was essentially a controlled market and a worked out system where pushers made their money with a minimum of violence and without selling harder drugs, at least openly.
    And in addition one of the finest hash markets in europe, amsterdam doesn´t even come close(at least in terms of amount of quality gathered in one place), no offense intended.
    Ah, the pollen nepal, ah, the "slaske ryger" and all the fine maroccan pollen. It is missed.

    Bevar Christiania!
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