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David Coulthard's sister died from prescription drug overdose

By Hey :-), Jan 27, 2014 | |
  1. Hey :-)
    THE sister of former Formula 1 racing driver David Coulthard died from an overdose of a prescription drug, it emerged yesterday.

    Lynsay Jackson, 35, passed away last February, just 10 months after giving birth to a daughter, Emilie.

    It was thought she suffered a heart attack but toxicology tests have revealed she died from a “propranolol overdose”.

    The beta-blocker is prescribed for a variety of common health problems, including heart and circulatory conditions, and high blood pressure.

    It is also used to help reduce the symptoms of anxiety and to treat other ailments, from migraine headaches to thyroid problems and glaucoma.

    The drug has been linked to other deaths, most notably the American actress Brittany Murphy.

    Propranolol was found on the bedside table of the Clueless star after she died suddenly, aged 32, in her Los Angeles home in December 2009, after suffering from flu-like symptoms and shortness of breath.

    By David Pilditch
    Photograph Getty; David Coulthard who was not available for comment.
    Monday 27 January 2014
    The Express


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