David Rodgers Hid Used Heroin Needle In Bread Loaf

  1. runnerupbeautyqueen
    Milk? Check. Eggs? Check. Dope? Check... A Manchester, UK mother was horrified to find a used heroin needle in a loaf of bread she'd purchased from a local Tesco store, the Telegraph reported.
    While making her 10-year-old son a sandwich, the woman discovered a dirty needle had been pushed through the loaf's plastic wrapper. "Alarmed and distressed," she notified authorities, who used DNA tracing to link the blood-stained syringe to David Rodgers, 61, of Salford, UK.

    The 61-year-old pleaded guilty on Tuesday in Manchester City Magistrates' Court to contaminating the bread with intent to cause public alarm. He said he'd hidden the needle in the Tesco Extra loaf after getting his heroin fix on December 1. article-2273746-0052120700000258-455_634x286.jpg

    Rodgers claimed he did so out of desperation, to prevent his wife from finding out he was using the drug again. Court was adjourned for pre-sentence reports, and Rodgers was told he could face jail time, the Daily Mail reported.

    "It's hard to believe what I did being a father and grandad," he told police.

    Dominic Geelan, the prosecutor, stated that Rodgers did not have a particular grudge against Tesco, a major supermarket chain in the UK. The store's spokesperson added that they were working closely with police
    throughout the investigation.

    The Huffington Post | By Megan Griffo

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  1. runnerupbeautyqueen
    A Manchester woman was left "alarmed and distressed" after finding a heroin addict's blood-covered needle in a packet of bread.

    The woman was making a sandwich for her 10-year-old child and had taken two slices of bread when she discovered the needle in the packet she bought from a Tesco Express in Pendleton, Manchester Magistrates' Court heard.

    After carrying out a DNA test as part of their investigation, police traced the blood sample to 61-year-old David Rodgers, who admitted to shoving the needle into the packet while visiting the store with his wife.

    Rodgers pushed the needle into the packet in a desperate attempt to hide it from his wife, as he did not want her to know that he was using heroine again.

    Rodgers, a grandfather, pleaded guilty to contaminating the loaf with intent to cause public alarm yesterday. He was warned of a jail sentence and the case has been adjourned for pre-sentence reports.

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    "It's hard to believe what I did, being a father and granddad," Rodgers told police, while accepting that he could have thrown the needle elsewhere.

    Dominic Geelan, prosecuting, says Rodgers did not seem to have any grudge against Tesco and he had kept the needle in his pocket for two days before pushing it into the bread packet.

    "The only reason he could think of was that he didn't want his wife to know he was using heroin again," Geelan added.

    "We have been working closely with the police throughout their investigation and on behalf of our customers are pleased that this has been resolved," a spokesman for Tesco was quoted as saying by Daily Mail.

  2. runnerupbeautyqueen
    The mother had taken two slices from the pack of Roberts wholemeal bread, which she had bought from a local Tesco store, when she made the discovery.

    It emerged the dirty needle had been pushed through the loaf's plastic wrapper by David Rodgers when he visited the shop with his wife.

    Rodgers, 61, had been desperate to dispose of the needle so his wife wouldn't know he was back on the drug.
    He had already used it for a heroin 'fix' before he hid it in the bread in Tesco Extra, Pendleton, on December 1.


    A court heard the mother, who bought it later that day, was left 'alarmed and distressed' when she noticed the syringe while making the sandwich for her 10-year-old son.

    She handed it in to police, who used DNA tracing to track down Rodgers.

    He pleaded guilty to contaminating the loaf with intent to cause public alarm at Manchester magistrates' court. The case was adjourned for pre-sentence reports. Rodgers - of Salford - was warned he could face jail.

    Dominic Geelan, prosecuting, said there was no suggestion Rodgers had any sort of grudge against Tesco.

    He said Rodgers had kept the needle in his pocket for two days after injecting himself with heroin.
    The court heard Rodgers told police: "It's hard to believe what I did, being a father and grandad."
    Mr Geelan said Rodgers was at a loss to explain his actions.

    He added: "The only reason he could think of was that he didn't want his wife to know he was using heroin again."

    Rodgers was said to be aware of the 'hurt and distress' caused to the mother and her family.

    He accepted he could have thrown the needle on the floor or under shelving in the store.

    A Tesco spokesman said: "We have been working closely with the police throughout their investigation and on behalf of our customers are pleased that this has been resolved."



    So he kept the needle in his pocket for two days while presumably passing a few trash cans before he decided the best place for it was in a loaf of bread?

    And notice how none of the articles included a picture of a needle any of us would actually use? 3/10? Yeah right.
  3. Moving Pictures
    Weird story. I agree, it makes no sense that he carried the rig around for two days before he decided to stick it in a loaf of bread at the grocery store!

    What's even more crazy, imo, is that they did a DNA test on it! That sounds unheard of to me! And why was his DNA on record? I'm not positive but I think most criminals are required to give a DNA sample in the UK? Am I right? So he probably had a criminal record as well. But that's nuts that they actually did a DNA test.

    So yeah, he could have eaisly done anything with the rig besides what he did. I don't care what they say, I think he did it to fuck with whoever was unluck enough to get that bread.
  4. Cash.Nexus
    Yes, AFAIK all criminals required to give DNA upon arrest. For instance, the case of Steve Wright who serial-killed 5 prostitutes in the English town of Ipswich, 2006. Caught because of DNA sample taken after a shoplifting arrest!

    A fucken nasty fool, like this old man who spiked the bread. I agree he did it to FTW.

    Gives all needle users a bad name. Personally I would make him eat it, in a hot-dog bun or something.
  5. Midnite
    Where I'm from, ( The north-east USA) it doesn't matter what you are arrested for, they automatically take a DNA sample from you now. I believe they are going to be doing this everywhere in the near future. Gotta love technology.
  6. electricjw
    Needle users, I thought, already had a bad rap. Either way, gramps probably got his fix in the bathroom and stuck it in the bread ( i guess b/c it was close tothe bathroom???).

    This is a perfect example of waiting till you get home to do your drugs.
  7. westie420uk
    I bet they tested it for hepatitus & other BBV's.
    What a dirty man. Why would you do that? Its not to hide the fact he was using from his wife, i will put money on that. He would have had plenty of opportunities to get rid of it by then. He must have some serious issues if he sticks a dirty needle in to a loaf of bread.
    Tescos are not having a good time at the moment. First ii was horse meat in beef products, & now used needles in the bread.

    @Moving Pictures, Here in the UK started a massive DNA database. As well as the case that Cash.Nexus mentioned there has been plenty of high profile cases that have led to arrests because they matched DNA which was taken after the suspect committed a pretty soft crime.
    I had my DNZ taken when i was arrested at 18 for Evasion of Liability by Deception.
  8. Phenoxide
    [IMGR="white"]http://www.drugs-forum.com/forum/attachment.php?attachmentid=32413&stc=1&d=1366471594[/IMGR]Salford man jailed for leaving hypodermic needle in Tesco loaf

    A man who admitted putting a hypodermic needle into a loaf of bread at a supermarket has been jailed for a year.

    The needle was discovered on 3 December by a woman making her son a sandwich, Manchester Crown Court heard.

    David Rodgers, 62, from Salford, was sentenced after admitting product contamination at a previous hearing.

    Rodgers, who was tracked down through DNA evidence from the needle, admitted putting it in the loaf at a Salford branch of Tesco but would not say why.

    Speaking after sentencing, Det Insp Chris Mossop, of Greater Manchester Police, said: "Obviously, the person was shocked to find it inside a loaf of bread but thankfully they were not hurt.

    "This was an isolated incident and no-one else was affected."

    Police said the loaf was bought at Tesco Extra stored in Pendlebury Way on 1 December.

    BBC News
    19th April 2013
  9. Akanaro
    Yup, this article just strengthens my belief that humans should be DNA sampled at birth and kept on record. Apart from nipping crime in the bud it might even help in locking up stupid people.
  10. Ginger87
    I had a dig in tesco yesterday, I wrapped it up and put it in the sanitary towel bin. Not the best thing I agree but I didn't put it in any bread, sick fucker. He will get hounded in gaol for that, it's bobcat behaviour.
  11. Moving Pictures
    Well, in my state, when you get convicted of a felony they make you give a DNA sample. They do this mouth swab thing, it's like a mini sponge on a stick, and it collects your DNA. Then it goes into a database, so like if they find blood or semen at a crime scene, they can test it and if your DNA shows up, they can convict you. That's the idea behind it. I really don't mind having my DNA on record cus I don't do shit that would leave my blood or semen. What I'm more worried about is my fingerprints, lol. That put those on the database as well. And it's all national, I believe. (I watch a lot of Cold Case Files, lol)
  12. Amaia
    Hi just read these posts and yes in the UK if you have committed any sort of Criminal Offence they take your DNA and keep it on file! Certainly NOT judging, as my DNA is on file, but keeping yourself clear of crime when trying to fund a Heroin habit is a tough call. I actually think what this guy did is pretty bloody disgusting! Maybe there is a little more to David than we know about ;-)
  13. Routemaster Flash
    I should imagine someone still shooting gear at 61 probably has a long and colourful history of interacting with the boys in blue...

    But yeah, what a fucked-up story. It's bad enough when junkies toss their needles on the ground, but that''s surely preferable to sticking in a loaf of bread? Jesus.

    Edit: lol @ Tesco Extra, yeah 'extra' is about right.

    Also, the UK still has a (very) limited programme of heroin prescriptions for long-term addicts who haven't responded to methadone treatment. I think the people on it tend to be older users, so I wouldn't be surprised if he's one of them, which at least would mean he presumably isn't stealing or dealing to fund his habit. It's just overwhelmingly likely that he'll have run into the law at some point in the past.
  14. laugher
    [r.e.needle in bread}...Seems funny at first, he said he did it to cause public alarm then said it was to hide it from wife.Which is it? Remenistic of razor blades in apples or L.s.d. spiked candy on Halloween.Lucky the boy didn't swallow it or get it stuck in his throat.
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