Dawn raids target crack and heroin pushers (Leeds)

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    27 Nov 2007
    Yorkshire Post

    IN ONE of the biggest raids of its kind in the country, police swooped on suspected crack and heroin dealers in Leeds this morning.
    Two public houses in Leeds that are close to schools and known to be centres of drug and drug-related crime were also due to be served with Crackhouse Closure Orders.

    Following on from a recent drugs operation - Operation Fishley, where 38 people were arrested and charged with multiple drugs offences, officers from West Yorkshire Police were carrying out further arrest operations in addition to the Closure Orders.

    Superintendent Simon Atkin, of North East Leeds Police, speaking before the dawn raids, said: "We are confident that this second operation will have a significant impact on drugs-related crime in the area."

    "Again, we will be targetting people and premises conducting their business close to local schools. This activity is totally unacceptable and something that we are rightly proud to be tackling in this way."

    "The Crackhouse Closure Orders that will be served should ensure that the drug and drug related crime problems in the areas will be greatly reduced as we are taking away locations that have become central to the dealer
    s' for the supply of class A drugs."

    "Local NPT officers will also be in the areas following the operation to provide reasurance and advice to the public, who I would ask to remain vigilant and to report any further suspicious activity to police."

    The operation, co-ordinated and controlled by Crime Division sees significant numbers of officers from across the Leeds District, Operations Support Division and the Drugs and Offender Management Programme involved.

    Further support comes from the Safer Leeds Crime and Disorder Partnership - a group who are committed to minimising harm caused to communities by class 'A' drug abuse and determined to make neighbourhoods in Leeds safer places to live.

    Officers from the Drugs and Offender Management Programme have been involved in the operation to offer rehabilitation services and advice to those requiring treatment for drug addiction.

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    Dawn raids target crack and heroin pushers (Leeds)
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    lol Crackhouse Closure Order. Imagine getting served with something called a Crackhouse Closure Order. :confused: :laugh:
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