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  1. highganja99
    ----- Day 1 is partly covered in the first entry ----- <--- CLICK HERE

    This experiment is useful in analysing and critiquing drug recovery interventions from the point of the end user while also having the merit of little investment in the process, basically there is no payoff or impetus to continue the recovery, hopefully giving the experiment more validity as there is no vested interest.

    Basically opiate addiction is being feigned to explore how recovery/treatment progresses in nature.

    The next goal in the experiment is to go to a group therapy/talk session, I feel this will be a difficult task due to the social aspect, a new face about and no doubt people wanting to make new contacts for various reasons, perhaps the irony of meeting a load of addicts while trying to quit a substance has not been looked over that well. Differential association is obviously going to come into play either positively or negatively and in this case I am not an optimist. This is a bad idea.


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