Day 2

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    The 9th fastest growing company of 2015 was a pharmaceutical co. named Gilead Sciences.

    October 23, 2001 was the date that Apple's first Ipod was released.

    There was once a punishment in England for irresponsible drinking. It involved a large barrel with holes cut out for the arms and head, with the bottom removed. He'd then have to go about his public job and doings.

    Another was to the poor Welsh school children, who were apparently becoming unmotivated. To fix this problem, they thought to make them learn and speak english. To enforce this, there was a ban put in place on them speaking their native language; hence the creation of the Welsh Not. In the start of a day, the first child caught would be given it. Throughout the day, it would be passed among students. The child caught with the Welsh Not at the end of the day was beaten...

    And lastly, plants have mechanisms to prevent inbreeding.

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