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Day 3 - Hope you guys like statistics!

  1. turn-the-music-louder
    It has been said that Snoop Dogg smokes 81 blunts a day. Thats roughly 5 blunts an hour.

    In the early 1900's, there was an asthma medicine called "Tucker's Asthma Specific". It contained 420 milligrams of cocaine per ounce of the stuff.

    Cocaine use has been reported in 2/3 of all countries.

    Marijuana was easily purchased at the local drug store up until the 1940's.

    208 million people, internationally consume illegal drugs.

    More than 60% of kids say that drugs were kept, sold, or used at their school.

    A woman, in 2009, attempted to smuggle 50 packets of heroin, each containing 12 grams of the drug, over a border through her colon. Hospital staff managed to safely recover 49 of them.

    A mental health patient was once subjected to a 174 day acid trip.

    In 1978, Aerosmith put up bail money for everybody caught in a pot bust at one of their concerts.

    An Ottawa shooter once tried to rob a Macdonalds with a pointed stick. He believed that prison was the only was to overcome his addiction to crack.

    "Robert Peace, a ‘black guy from the hood’ ended up graduating from Yale with honors in molecular biophysics and biochemistry, moving back to his ‘hood’ and teaching biology at his old highschool, engineering his own strain of Marijuana and getting killed over a drug deal. "

    While shooting The Blues Brothers movie, they had a budget for cocaine.

    Adolf Hitler was injected with a daily dose of methamphetamine by his doctors from 1942-1945.


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