Day 9 - Here's a Fun One - FETISHES

  1. turn-the-music-louder
    Come on this has to be a good one. Enjoy!

    Sploshing: This one is mostly for the ladies, apparently. I guess being naked and rolling around in kiddie pools full of baked beans is a major turn on??

    Formicophilia: Gettin reallll excited over being covered in insects..

    Tripsolagnia: Having a thrill of having one's hair shampooed.

    Dendrophilia: Some people like trees. Some people really like trees.

    Psychrophilia: Having fantasies of watching people freeze.. to death. Not sure how this one is exactly satisfied.

    Climacophilia: Arousal to falling down stairs. Either you're falling down stairs, or your partner is. Can't imagine how they keep explaining to the hospital how they manage to come in every night with new injuries and social services haven't put a stop to this one yet.

    Lithophilia: Turned on to stone and gravel.

    Stygiophilia: Arousal to the thought of hellfire and damnation. I might be guilty of this one guys.

    Xylophilia: Sexual attraction to wood. The nuns should've used plastic rulers for their students. Little did they know little Johnny could've used their wooden measuring tools for something stygiophilia related. You do you Johnny. Keep away from Susie the psycrophiliac.

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  1. trdofbeingtrd
    Well, I do LOVE my hair shampooed, by another person, and I do LOVE to be groomed. It is erotica to a degree for me. Huh, I'm not alone.
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