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By Alfa, Feb 15, 2004 | |
  1. Alfa

    When teachers at Herder school in north Germany discovered a chocolate
    cake outside their room, they suspected nothing.

    Pupils had often brought in cakes to raise money for charity, so staff
    sliced it up and tucked in.

    But before too long, 10 teachers from the elite school in Lüneburg
    started trembling, feeling unwell and suffering from hallucinations.

    Police called in to investigate confirmed that the cake had contained
    large amounts of hashish.

    All 10 teachers were treated at a clinic after eating the cake on
    Wednesday but were later released. The remains of the cake were being
    examined, police spokesman Michael Düker said.

    "The cake was left outside the room on Wednesday morning before the
    break," the school's spokesman, Hans-Christian Höhne, told the
    Guardian last night.

    "Someone brought it in. A lot of people then had a slice and
    three-quarters of the cake was eaten. About two or three hours later
    they all started feeling sick. My colleagues were very afraid."

    The teachers had suspected nothing because for the past six years
    pupils had been bringing in cakes to support a radioactive measuring
    station in Chernobyl, he said.

    Mr Höhne added: "It's impossible to say whether a student or someone
    from outside was responsible. Either way, it was a bad joke. In future

    we'll insist that pupils put their names on cakes."


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