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  1. Pinkavvy

    Photo 1
    The North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation’s Drug Laboratory (Raleigh, North Carolina) recently received a submission of four small squeeze bottles of commercial peppermint-flavored breath freshening drops, suspected to contain LSD (see Photo 1). The bottles were seized by the Hoke County Sheriff’s Office during a traffic stop in Hoke County, North Carolina (located in the southeastern part of the state). Each bottle was one half to three quarters full of a slightly yellowish liquid (net total volume approximately 394 drops) with an odor of peppermint. The suspect stated that the bottles contained LSD, and the liquid in fact field-tested positive for LSD. Analysis by GC/MS, however, indicated not LSD but rather 5-methoxy-alpha-methyltryptamine (5-MeO-AMT) in all four bottles (not quantitated). The analysis also identified menthol, suggesting that the drug was added to the breath freshening solution (not that a solution of the drug was substituted for the breath freshening solution). The laboratory has previously encountered commercial breath freshening dropper bottles containing solutions of LSD; however, this was the first submission of 5-MeO-AMT in liquid form to the laboratory.

    - - - - - - - - - -

    Photo 2
    The Oregon State Police Forensic Services Division Laboratory (Ontario, Oregon) recently received a single squeeze bottle of a commercial, spearmint-flavored breath freshening solution, suspected to contain a controlled substance (identity unknown). The exhibit was seized by the Ontario City Police at an express mail facility. The bottle (label partially removed; see Photo 2) contained a clear liquid (total net volume approximately 3.5 milliliters) with a slight odor of spearmint. Analysis by GC/MS indicated 5-methoxy-alpha- methyltryptamine (5-MeO-AMT), probably dissolved in water (not quantitated). The only slight odor of spearmint suggested that the original breath freshening solution had been removed and replaced with the solution of 5-MeO-AMT. The suspect in the case is suspected to have synthesized the drug himself (no further details provided).

    Within a week of the submission of the above exhibit to the Ontario Laboratory, the Oregon State Police Forensic Services Division Laboratory (Springfield, Oregon) received a submission of two capsules containing an off white powder (total net mass 0.2 grams) and a paperfold of an off white powder (total net mass 0.1 grams), all suspected methamphetamine (photos not available). The exhibits were seized by the Lincoln City Police Department, pursuant to a shoplifting arrest (Lincoln City is located on the Pacific coast, about 50 miles west of Salem). The suspect in the case claimed that the material was Vitamin B (field testing was not performed). Analysis by GC/MS, however, indicated not methamphetamine but rather 5-methoxy-alpha-methyltryptamine (5-MeO-AMT) (not quantitated). Edited by: Alfa


  1. manda
    Haven't done cid or shrooms in years. Wouldn't it be scary to be jailed on acid? Or get in a fight? Traffic accident? Witness a homicide? (I've been living on horror movies lately, sorry.) Foruneately none of the above has ever happened to me. If anyone out there has been arrested on acid, what was it like?
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