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DEA Cracks Down on Sizzurp: Hip Hop's Potent Prescription

  1. Balzafire
    LOS ANGELES -- The DEA is cracking down on a highly addictive and potentially deadly drink known as "Sizzurp."

    Sizzurp is a syrupy drink that's a mixture of prescription cough syrup ( promethazine with codeine), soda and jolly ranchers, for added sweetness.

    The concoction produces an intoxicating high but drinking too much of the stuff can be deadly.

    Pharmacist Julie Chen says, "codeine is in the same class of drug as morphine, people like to take it for getting a body high or a sense of euphoria," but she warns, "codeine can kill."

    Sizzurp, also known as "purple drank," first originated in the south in the 1990's. Its popularity quickly rose as rappers wrote lyrics about the liquid.

    The deadly dangers of drinking too much were demonstrated with the deaths of DJ Screw in 2000 and Rapper Pimp C in 2008. In both cases, the coroner ruled their deaths as accidental overdoses of codeine and promethazine -- the main ingredients in Sizzurp.

    The dangers of potentially overdosing have not stopped a Compton rapper known as Double-P from choosing Sizzurp as not just a drink of choice, but a lifestyle.

    During an interview with KTLA, he shared, "some people smoke a cigarette in the morning, they say their first cigarette makes them feel a certain way. Me, the first cup of Sizzurp helps me start my day off right."

    While rhyming about Sizzurp on his new album, Double-P claims his cough syrup prescription is completely legal. However, illegal trafficking of the medicine is a serious problem.

    Less than a month ago in Downey, Doctor Nazar Al Bussam was arrested by the DEA on charges of allegedly writing bogus prescriptions of various painkillers, including the coveted cough syrup.

    The DEA estimates Al Bussam received more than $100,000 a month in cash for fake prescriptions of numerous drugs. Al Bussam is currently set to face a judge on November 12 for a preliminary hearing.

    Meanwhile, today's rappers and hip-hop artists continue to glorify Sizzurp in their lyrics and that has the DEA concerned. "Anytime a substance that can be so dangerous is popularized through music or our culture, it becomes something that we need to be very worried about," says DEA Sarah Pullen.

    KTLA News
    November 5, 2010


  1. dyingtomorrow
    I wonder if they are also going to crack down on being trill workin' the wheel, a pimp not a simp, and keeping the dope fiends higher than the Goodyear blimp.

    Anyways I think it's funny that sizzurp even got popular. These people are hanging out on streets where they sell crack and heron, and rappin about how badass some codeine syrup is?
  2. kailey_elise
    Agreed, dyingtomorrow. I also think a "lifestyle" around guzzling cough syrup all day, every day seems...I dunno...juvenile. Not that a lifestyle around shooting heroin is "adult" or anything. I'm not sure I know the correct words for how I feel. I think the glorification of cough syrup is fairly ridiculous, however.

    "Double-P claims his cough syrup prescription is completely legal." If that's the case (perhaps he's paying off a doctor...oh, wait, I know - he needs cough syrup weekly to soothe his throat from rapping! ;)), why not get the doc to prescribe him hydrocodone, which I'm told is generally a better high? Or if he really likes codeine for whatever reason, Tylenol #4 (60mg codeine per tablet) and some promethazine tablets? He can down them with some grape soda. ;) Or...get a bottle of "inactive" grape syrup, if it's that darn important.

    Man, with the way tolerance grows, can you imagine how many bottles he must be drinking a day now?

    Um, he wouldn't have made all that money for FAKE prescriptions! ;) Hell, I could write FAKE prescriptions! *LOL* They mean (as stated above that paragraph) "bogus" or "medically unneeded" prescriptions. Freakin' journalists! *sigh*

  3. FreeBliss
    people who drink that shit are fools, at least get some pills so youi know how much your taking. Uneducated people will lend up six feet under drinking this shit like its kool laid or alcohol.
  4. Alfa
    Do all codeine pills have the dosage stamped on it?
  5. FreeBliss
    no i guess not. I guess there's always gonna be ignorant people. Some people can look pills up online and know what there taken but the average joe thinks hes popping 500mg vicodin when really its 500mg Tylenol and only 5mg hydrocodon. Try explaining that to someone who's ignorant and thats the majority of people.
  6. Moving Pictures
    Codeine/prometh syrup is 10mg/6.25 mg per 5ml. Do you realize how much of that shit you have to drink to get high? Assume you needed 200mg codeine to get off (a relatively small dose for a regular opiate user), you'd be taking 125mg promethazine!! OMG, that would knock you the fuck out. I don't understand why people even enjoy this shit. By the time you've taken enough codeine to get high, you're already half-comatose and hallucinating from a prometh. overdose. My dog has had the stuff before and it has very little recreational value. It's about as fun as plain promethazine since the codeine dose is so low. Hydrocodone cough syrup (Hydrocan), on the other hand, is very nice for recreation.

    Again, I don't understand this whole "sizzurp" phenomenon. These folks would get much better highs by getting some Tylenol 3s or 4s and doing a CWE and mixing it with prometh. pills as others have mentioned.

    Honestly, I think the only high most of these people are getting from the syrup is strictly from the promethazine.
  7. Garlgarrahha
    Swim has been doing this a lot recently and although you are knocking it, it is very good. Many people like the high of promethazine the Lean the heavy relaxed feeling the almost derealization combind with the Euphoria of codeine is great.

    Although swim does this in the UK where it is pretty cheap , The aim is not to get as "fucked up" as possible, (if it was why not just shoot heroin every say and smoke crack). The fact is this high is very good and still allows you to be yourself compliments your normal personality (unlike somthing stronger).
    There is a celing dose of codeine so addiction is much less likley with this combination

    I dont see why people hate this so much Generally when Swim take it, I take a Fo or a Duece

    Fo = 240 mg of codeine 156 mg of Promethazine
    Deuce 120 mg of codeine 78 mg of promethazine (small dose to compliment other stuff)

    Promethazine the more you do it you get able to handle its sedative effect and you start to get more "high" off it, You just have to Sip it slowly The high is very good.

    SWim can understand with certain people with opiate tolerance that need to take like 800 mg of codeine in one go as you would be taking 520 mg of promethzine in one go (without tolerace this would Knock you out but then again 800 mg of codeine without tolerance might kill you)

    But you can always reduce the promethazine doseage if you are taking this in pill form so maybee 800mg with say like 150 mg of promethazine.

    The thing is many people here are just looking for the Strongest thing due to tolerance i mean if you keep your useage fairly low keep your tolerance in check (and also the more you do the more promethazine tolerance you get as well i can do about 160 mg now and still walk about competantly)
    its a very good High that doesnt have the backdrops of strong opiates the addiction fiending doesnt affect your mind as much

    Swim dont get why people are knocking it so much, But Swim understands the price in america may be Extortionate wheres Swim can get promethazine and codeine here easily and cheap (although not the actual sizzurp)
  8. 80sbaby
    ummmmmmmm. NO. im sure you could find out how much codiene was in each pill, but there are alot pills with codiene that have no mention of codiene unless you look on the ingredients.

    Also, guys, did you know that codiene phosphate pills are legal in certain states.
    yeh sure, just check your state guidelines, but most hole in the wall pharmacys offer codiene in pill form, however, its usually sold to above 18+ and you need id, but no prescription.
    however, these pills range in dosages from state to state, and in some states are not legal whatsoever.
    but i think its usally like a certain amount of mg and under. like 60mg i believe.
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