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Dea, FBI and CIA are all operating in secret in Mexico?? S Underworld drugs Many U.S.

By buseman, Jun 30, 2010 | |
  1. buseman
    The Laguna Journal reported after last September? S crash of a Gulfstream jet operated by the CIA to allegedly torture flights to Guantanamo and in other countries with laws cowardly torture.

    This particular aircraft was found by rescuers they contained four tons of cocaine from Colombia have high quality. With the war raging on drugs and terror of the authorities on both sides of the border to adoption.

    In a war that cost billions of dollars of U.S. tax and a business that is considered by many benefits for the hundreds of billions is not surprising that police officers on the street in the border towns as a high level of both governments to make a financial benefit from the illegal smuggling of drugs, human trafficking and terrorism in the United States through the Mexican drug trafficking cartel.

    More U.S. officials and police officers have been caught than ever in criminal activities. Customs supervisor Walter Golembiowski and officer John Ajello face narcotics, bribery and conspiracy charges following the arrest of smuggling to support drug and contraband through New York?? John F. Kennedy International Airport.

    The examination of the indictment and the prosecution of more than 20 people an LED? A?? To beg from merchants overseas sources? A?? And the seizure of 600 kilos of hashish and other drugs from the United States and France imported Some argue that the legislature finds Mexican illegal covert action already taking place in Mexico by Americans, and took many different forms reflecting the diversity of situations in which it is used.

    But the circumstances have eroded to the point that many executives in Mexico, which have no connections with the cartels are desperate and the promotion of an obvious right U.S. military boots on ground operations and accelerate the training military aid from the United States, CIA, DEA, FBI and the U.S. Police advisers.

    A senior Mexican official rank, who wished to remain anonymous, said that the U.S. border with Mexico is an important focal point for military operations. â?? There are U.S. Army Special Forces covert operation bases both in Mexico and the United States, by the California National Guard, about the temporary use for the recognition of limits and must mature in the coming months LED. â??

    While reports of federal agents and police in drugs and other crimes such as trafficking, drugs, weapons and cash are involved, are almost routine. Many believe that the estimates of corruption among its own employees much higher.

    This problem has seriously hurt the American. Following the passage of these drugs in the United States, to America? S streets are the financing of terrorism and the war in Iraq, Afghanistan and anywhere else in the world.

    These terrorist wars and kill other son and daughters, and the U.S. war in Iraq alone have cost us by the end of this year, one trillion U.S. dollars. After woven Watson Prison Planet of the Corporate Media will be involved to lesser drug smuggling and customs officers, police report, but when it comes to massive bodies sprawling U.S. government, as CIA blackmail drug, is the silence deafening.

    Always Florida Gulfstream II jet # N987SA was forced to crash land in Mexico?? S Yucatan Peninsula after the spill of new investigators discovered that the same Gulfstream jet had been in at least three CIA “rendition” trips to Guantanamo Bay 2003-2005 used.

    Kevin Booth? S underground hit documentary American Drug War the length of the former DEA chief Robert Bonner has admitted that the CIA was involved in cocaine smuggling.

    Former DEA agent Cele Castillo, said he personally witnessed the operations of the CIA drug trafficking channeled through the terrorists who were involved in kidnappings and the training of death squads on behalf of the Government of the United States. Investigative reporter Gary Webb was instrumental in exposing CIA cocaine trafficking operations before his alleged suicide in 2004.

    In the YouTube clip below agency Webb traces the history of involvement in drug trafficking and its links to financing wars in Central America. Judicial Watch reports that corruption among federal agents to protect the border of Mexico and the United States is so widespread that the government created an internal Web site devoted to border guards and recently condemned polygraph is administered to ensure the future Seize candidates?? T are already working for smuggling organizations.

    The report also notes that the alarming number of more agents of the Internal Security Agency with protecting the U.S. against the terrorists, drugs and illegal immigrants charged in collaboration with the smuggling Mexico to illegal immigrants, drugs, weapons and possibly terrorists to leave the country.

    Mexican drug cartels with some of the same methods they use to attract Mexican officials U.S. officials will gain some of the tactics used to pull all U.S. officials with attractive women and lots of sex and cash.

    In return, the hired to guard the border to ensure the safe passage of trucks of illegal immigrants, drugs and contraband into the United States. Some have even used their government issued vehicles shuttle illegal immigrants to Mexico to safe houses north of the border.

    Many agents were sentenced limit of accepting bribes from Mexican smugglers in the last few years, and charges against hundreds of other pending. This month, four officers in Arizona, Texas and California for helping to smuggle illegal immigrants into the United States arrested Most of the corrupt employees worked ATA (CBP), the Nation? S largest police organization.

    CBP was after the 2001 terrorist attacks in Border Services Agency through the combination of forces and created inspectional border U.S. Customs, U.S. Immigration, Animal and Plant Health Inspection Services and the U.S. Border Patrol uniform.

    The idea was a strong force that would protect America’s borders. Instead, many officers have done just the opposite and had their hands for personal use. Domestic security agencies have been shaken by scandals created by traitor agents shameful to take on.

    Although the crisis is worst along the Mexican border, agents were also to support the arrest and detention of illegal immigrants in the United States at airports. A recent case is an agent at an airport in Florida to support a network of drug trafficking by drawing on databases of sensitive Federal Government.

    On June 29, 2010


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