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  1. dr ACE


  1. AntiAimer
    This was in 2005 and you read it wrong

  2. Hyperspaceblastoff
    so is that illegal or wut
  3. Triple7
    Different country, different law. Only what UN classifies as drug is illegal everywhere. Then every nation adds some more stuff to their drug list on top of the UN list. I believe cacti are not listed in UN, so possibly not illegal in most countries.

    UK, where you are from, they have listed almost every possible drug. Bet mescaline is forbidden.. and maybe anything that contains mescaline is forbidden in UK, including cacti.
  4. Beeker
    I've had 30+ San Pedro cacti growing in front and in back of my place for years now.

    I've had the FBI over to chat about sexual contact with a 16 year old girl (she told me she was 21 ... :p ) and I didn't even give it a thought nor did anything ever come of the cacti. It's an issue that kinda doesn't effect the Americas I guess. I'm sure if I actually processed them for Mescaline (which would be illegal) then I'd be worried.

    ... or if they were Peyote which stick out like Cannabis plants.
  5. Bikelbees
    Cacti themselves are not illegal in UK even if they contain mescaline
  6. radiometer
    If you hunt through these Micrograms, you can find an entry for San Pedro chips which the DEA thought were psilocybe mushrooms until they analyzed the material. Dumbasses!
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