DEA is stooping low on this one

By BuschGardens · May 12, 2005 · ·
  1. BuschGardens
    Wow guys, read this article,

    and by no means am i a pot head, i abstain from the stuff, my friends do it, i dont care, but as i've noticed in history every countries great movements were that of liberal ones, even the creation of our country.
    Marijuana: The Myths Are Killing Us
    By Karen P. Tandy, Administrator, U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, Washington, D.C., and Chair, IACP Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs Committee

    APR 26--When 14-year-old Irma Perez of Belmont, California, took a single ecstasy pill one evening last April, she had no idea she would become one of the 26,000 people who die every year from drugs.<SUP>1</SUP> Irma took ecstasy with two of her 14-year-old friends in her home. Soon after taking the tiny blue pill, Irma complained of feeling awful and said she felt like she was "going to die." Instead of seeking medical care, her friends called the 17-year-old dealer who supplied the pills and asked for advice. The friends tried to get Irma to smoke marijuana, but when she couldn't because she was vomiting and lapsing into a coma, they stuffed marijuana leaves into her mouth because, according to news sources, "they knew that drug is sometimes used to treat cancer patients."<SUP>2</SUP>

    <SUP>Found on theDEAfrontpagehere:</SUP>

    this is such bull shit lol,

    COMON a bunch of niave 14 year olds stuff marijuana leaves into a 14 years olds mouth thinking its gona be the miracle cure to her extacy heart attack...... HOLY MOTHER OF GOD thats lame...

    ITS A SAD STORY, but common, there blaming marijuana for this, they should blame themselves, if it wasn't for their harsh policies, these kids wouldn't have been affraid to call the police or someother form of health...

    Btw, WTF were a bunch of middle schoolers doing with leaves, not buds?

    i cant get over how there saying "the myths" are killing our youth, have you guys honestly heard of cases of ppl dying from marijuana because they hear it "cures cancer" (who the hell says it cures it anyway, all i've ever heard is its used as a "pain killer")

    wtf.... wtf....

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  1. unico_walker
    This is not surprising, the official DEA stance has always been to back
    fradulent data as long as it portrays drug use negatively.

    When faced with real facts they don't even respond, they just don't
    care as in the collective mind of the general public drugs=evil badness
    so they don't have to defend themselves really.

    Even most of the drug users I know feel guilty and feel if caught they
    do deserve punishment, they cannot articulate why this is its just the
    way they feel. This has come up when I discuss drug laws and it baffles
  2. BuschGardens
    But i mean common, how can they blame this on marrijuana, they didn't even attack Ecstacy, jesus christ....

    i mean, if they had the real stuff they treat cancer patients with, she would have died sooner,


    that is so fucked up...
  3. graffixak
    Face it.... they have nothing to prove. If they present any kind of truth to indicate that maybe, just maybe, drugs aren't bad - then the public becomes confused because they wonder WHY we spend all that money to fight drugs. By presenting a picture of over-powering, "no one can resist," Reefer Madness drugs invading the population while the underpowered, overworked DEA agents risk their lives to protect the public....... they sleep really well at night.

    Except they know that drugs are invading our culture, threatening the American way of life and killing naive, sweet young girls. Oh, and I read an article today that said the FBI spent 4.5 years setting up a "fake" drug smuggling ring just to tempt people into helping them. Yes, the whole operation was completely synthetic; there was no investigation because they thought someone WAS smuggling drugs - they STARTED a smuggling ring to see who would get caught.

    They caught some soldiers, law enforcement personnel..... caine_sting
  4. old hippie 56
    that sting reminds me of when the dea was setting up labs around the country and tracking the dope out to where it went. that when they where trying to get p2p off the market. or so i heard.
  5. graffixak
    At some point in time, perhaps before the whole internet expansion, there was a video someone created. A bunch of guys in ape suits were demonstrating how to grow illegal plants clandestinely in the woods. Aside from the novelty of men in gorilla suits running around in a couple acres of catnip..... there was supposedly a story behind it all. The gorillas claim to have been previously employed by the government doing this exact same thing (minus the costumes). They said they learned it from other people who were afraid they had actually made a difference in the war on drugs. These "government" agents were supposedly running low on big drug growers to bust so they setup a bunch of patsy operations making sure they were nice and big. Find a few people, teach them how to do it, let them get through one or two crops and then bust them. Why? To make sure the newspapers still carried headlines about growers in the woods creating booby-trap lined fields. The idea is to make it easier to justify a huge budget. Think about how many people would be unemployed if they actually won the war on drugs.

    But who doesn't love a good conspiracy theory? Honestly, most agentstruly believe they are doing a good job, making the world a better place. Other agentsare no better than law-enforcing criminals. Kettles calling the pot black.
  6. paradies

    There is much more to this story than what you're reading here. This happened very close to where I live. There was more written about it locally at the time...and more tobe found on the internet at the time. The "spin" on it was tostigmatize XTC. Of course, anyone can be extremely sensitive to anything, and I'm sure people die taking any drug, including XTC, because they are allergic to it orsimple have an extremely adverse reaction. Believe it or not, people die each year from eating cinnamon. The rate of people dying on XTC is one in 300,000. The chances of dying from Tylenol are one in 100,000...and that's if you take it as intended. So, you have to be realistic and put things in perspective.

    The truth is this girl was quite petit. She'd never taking XTC or done drugs.She went to a sleepover at her friend's house with two other 14 year olds that were very much experiencedand had a "tough" reputation. She went there totake drugs (unknown to her parents)...and the parentsat the home where the sleepover was weren't home. This little girls parents didn't really like the other girls because of their reputation...but they agreed to let their daughter spend the night anyway because they thoughtadults would be there.Her other 14 year old friends not only gave her XTC, theyhad herdrinking shots of whiskey andhad powdered coke. One report also stated they weresmoking crack cocaine as well. They also went to the mother's medicine cabinet totake aspirin, because they thought thatwould make the high stronger. There was no aspirin. There was Tylenol...they took a bunch of that. THIS IS VERY DANGEROUS (sorry to shout).

    BTW, in the USA, 35% of all deaths due to cirrhosis of the liver in 2004 (liver failure) were due toTylenol overdosesor Tylenol taken with another drug...even just alcohol. Tylenol is extremely toxic to the liver if you take too much. When taken with otherdrugs, it can eventually befatal because it kills off so much of the liver. If there is anythingyou need to understand...DON'T take Tylenol (acetaminophen) with alcohol or other drugs.

    This story, coming outmore than a year after the death of that little girl, is the DEA'sway tocreate propaganda against is there "directive" at this time in the USA. In my local paper just yesterday, there was a 1/2 page ad regarding said that it causes depression and suicide in teenagers. It said that kids between the ages of 12 and 16who smoke dope are three times more likely to commit suicide as adults. It saidit stunts the brain's growth in teenagers and causes schizophrenia. Itclaimed pot is addictive.

    Non of these "opinions" has any scientific backing, yet the ad acted as though these were accepted scientific fact. It is just propaganda...plain and simple.

    Why is the current story focusing on the fact they tried to give this little girl pot vs. the entire story...all the various drugs...and Tylenol...that were involved? Think about it.Edited by: paradies
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