Deadly drug mephedrone linked to 25 deaths to be banned 'within weeks'

By chillinwill · Mar 31, 2010 · ·
  1. chillinwill
    THE deadly dance drug mephedrone will be banned in weeks, Home Secretary Alan Johnson announced yesterday.

    The legal high, which has been linked to up to 25 deaths, including that of 19-year-old Jordan Kiltie, from Ayr, will be made a class B drug. And a ban on importing it will come into force immediately.

    The move was welcomed by Scottish community safety minister Fergus Ewing, who has twice written to the Home Office raising the SNP government's concerns over "legal highs".

    Ewing said: "It is essential people are aware of the dangers from mephedrone and similar so-called legal highs.

    "I promise to work with the UK Government to ensure the ban will be enforced across Scotland."

    The announcement came after Johnson was given a report backing a ban on mephedrone from Professor Les Iversen, chairman of the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs.

    The drug - also known as M-cat, bubbles or meow meow - is legally sold on the internet as plant food and was virtually unknown until last year.

    But it is now one of the most popular drugs in nightclubs.

    Its effects are similar to those of cocaine and ecstasy but users can suffer palpitations and psychosis.

    Professor Iversen said the rise in mephedrone's popularity was unprecedented.

    He said: "I've never experienced such widespread use in such a short space of time.

    "It is being taken by people who have never used drugs before.

    "They think it is legal and safe but it is neither."

    By Torcuil Crichton
    March 30
    Daily Record

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  1. divinemomentsoftruth
    What swim find absolutely ridiculous is that according to the Center for Disease Control and Preventions website there were 22,073 alcohol related deaths in the U.S excluding accidents and homicides in 2009. (swim not posting link it's dot gov. Just google search alcohol deaths 2009). Swim is sure the number for the UK is staggering as well. While it's obvious that it's effects can be very harmful if done irresponsibly and swim knows how hard it is to put away the bag. It's sad that the drug was put into the hands of so many unknowledgeable users. But, he fails to see why 25 deaths, while undeniably tragic, have caused such a stir. This really worries makes swim worry about the RC laws in other parts of the world, as he plainly see's how quickly this is beginning to snowball. The media is one of the worst parts. They play such a huge role in this, the inaccuracies are horrendous. They treat every single substance like they are all interchangeable.

    Swim wishes the idiots that run his life might magically stumble upon some sort of paradigm shift.
  2. Leott
    SWIM has taken Mephedrone for around 6 months running now, starting with 1 gram a week to a level of around 10-15 grams a week, with sessions consuming 3-5grams. SWIM has engaged in these sessions with a number of friends who also consume the same amount. SWIM has noticed recently that his tolerance levels have now exceeded others around him and has found that he no longer receives euphoria or much increased confidence. Being very extrovert already, SWIM has no problem with shyness or low confidence and still remains reasonable talkative on mephedrone, and also seems not to suffer from any comedowns. SWIM noticed comedowns only when SWIM had problems to dwell on (such as amount of money spent on mephedrone, or being completely out of mephedrone to take). The only health deficit SWIM has found from the amount of mephedrone taken seems to have been coughing and chest problems (due to the amount of smoking taken place during sessions) a potentially decreased level of circulation to his hands (hands go very cold in temperatures of 10C-15C) and weight loss due to lack of eating properly.
    SWIM's personal experiences of Mephedrone find it to be a very safe drug and is disappointed with the way the home secretary has addressed the banning of this drug, causing new legal highs to now enter the scene with potentially dangerous side effects. Mephedrone is taken by a large majority of 14-24 year olds and has done it's damage with introducing drugs to the younger generation of today, which will now snowball into other legal highs.
  3. r2kam
    Due to how new the drug is, SWIM wouldn't agree. SWIM would say he had experienced few ill effects from it, but wouldn't say it was safe. Only time and research will tell if SWIM or SWIY will die a few years down the line. SWIM will say it certainly does "feel" safe if taken in moderation, compared to drinking large amounts of alcohol.
  4. divinemomentsoftruth
    Stories like this trouble SWIM. It's apparent humans are susceptible to the moreish nature of Mephedrone and when used frequently as with any other substances tolerance increased and the effects become less desirable. But Mephedrone stands out in SWIMs mind, he's read way too many stories where people have taken doses that may have been safe for others turning out catastrophic. There's no accurate dose chart for Mephedrone in SWIMs mind because the effects are too unpredictable.

    Mephedrone is also incredibly addicting. While physical addiction may not be there mental addiction is certain. Tolerance appears to build quickly to incredible levels making users take amounts that would easily kill or hospitalize a first time user. People appear to be taking the stuff nearly everyday of the week and disregarding the fact they are taking an incredibly strong substance that for the sake of this post SWIM will compare to MDMA.



    Before he was even confident to try the compound SWIM had done alot of research and felt he knew as much as possible about the drug first. In a sense he knew what he was getting himself into; something unpredictable. So he treated it as such and has had no negative experience.

    With that said, he has only used Mephedrone in limited quantities when compared to many SWIYs that people on these boards know In total, under 4 grams collectively in the past 3~ months and has had no negative experiences whatsoever. He LOVES the feeling Mephedrone gives him and hopes it can be something he enjoys off and on throughout his life. He has determined it is something that for maximum benefit and safety (questionable..) can only be used sparingly, and does everything from giving the bag to someone trust worthy to ensure he doesn't dip into it too soon and only ordering what he might need for a certain session even though it might be a more stressful on the wallet to order small.

    SWIM guesses this is just wishful thinking because addiction is such a powerful and uncontrollable force, but imagine how it could work out if somehow everyone could take the approach SWIM has?

    SWIM has a dream I guess....:vibes:
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