Deadly New 'Legal' Drug Bound For Britain

By John Doe · Apr 1, 2010 · Updated Apr 1, 2010 · ·
  1. John Doe
    Deadly New 'Legal' Drug Bound For Britain

    A British "legal drugs" manufacturer based in Belgium has told Sky News the UK is about to be flooded with a deadly new drug called naphyrone.

    Dave Llewellyn, who admits supplying large quantities of mephedrone to customers in the UK, said the new chemical is so dangerous he was refusing to sell it on his website - although it would not be against the law.
    "This stuff is absolutely evil - it's going to cause all sorts of psychological problems," he told Sky News.
    "It will cause long-term brain damage from the very first hit and eventually it's going to end up with bodies."

    Naphyrone is already being marketed as a mephedrone replacement, but according to Mr Llewellyn it is far more toxic than many illegal drugs like cocaine and ecstasy.
    The substance is sold online under the name NRG-1 and costs as little as 25 pence a hit.

    The fact it is so cheap means, according to Mr Llewellyn, that it is likely to become hugely popular with youngsters.
    "I think it really could be Europe's crystal meth. I can see an epidemic where people are getting into it without realising what they're getting into and then having to go back for more."

    For the moment naphyrone is not widely available in the UK, but its presence is a concern for many established scientists.
    Medical director of the charity Addaction Dr Ken Checinski has warned those considering taking the designer drug to think again.
    "We know a little about its chemistry. We know it's a variant of other substances both legal and illegal that can cause psychological and physical harm," he said.

    The Government is currently trying to outlaw mephedrone - but naphyrone is likely to escape the ban for the moment.

    Mephedrone has been linked to the deaths of a number of people across Europe.
    Mr Llewellyn says the UK's lucrative legal drugs market, which is worth hundreds of millions of pounds every year, is being targeted by dealers based in the Far East.

    "The Chinese have been getting this ready for the last six months to take over the moment mephedrone is banned.
    "It has been ready but why have two things banned at the same time - they want to keep their factories churning over these chemicals."
    Naphyrone will present legislators with another headache.
    It is also likely to reignite the debate about how best to deal with the wave of new legal synthetic drugs which continue to hit the market, despite the ban of previous substances.

    8:44am UK, Thursday April 01, 2010
    Alex Rossi, Europe correspondent

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  1. John Doe
    Re: Deadly New 'Legal' Drug Bound For Britain [NRG-1]

    I heard this on local radio news in Dublin, Ireland this a.m. referred to as NRG-1 and not the chemical name, they claimed it was 'more explosive than cocaine and more addictive than heroin', I thought I'd turned on The 51st State for a minute.
  2. Alfa
    Re: Deadly New 'Legal' Drug Bound For Britain [NRG-1]

    This man is just spewing out any sensationalistic bullshit he can in order to get the UK media to promote this drug as the next mephedrone craze.

    Please avoid sources discussion in this thread.
  3. nightplant
    Re: Deadly New 'Legal' Drug Bound For Britain [NRG-1]

    Saw this on tv today, the guy has a point. Things will get worse vendors have nothing to gain anymore apart from a quick buck. Atleast pre-ban they were to to some extent trying to sell quality product, focusing on customer-vendor relations to increase sales.

    I doubt vendors themselves are happy with this Naphylone, but at the end of the day ultimately money is their motivation. It would be hell of a lot easier/ cheaper if they could keep selling the same products rather than do what is currently happening, setting up, selling, closing down, setting up, selling, closing down.

    No one really wins, costs vendors more,cost customers more, potential deaths, government constantly panicing...... Actually China might be having a laugh!
  4. enquirewithin
    Reading this you might wonder what has damaged Dave Llewellyn's brain? Whilst abuse of any stimulant is bound to cause problems, what scientific basis is there for his claims?

    Naphyrone, from what little I have read about it, doesn't sound as if it's euphoric enough to be a big seller like 'mephedone.'
  5. John Doe
    From doing some further research on the guy he seems like a loose cannon. Some of his practices seem scary at best.
  6. barafundle
    From the little SWIM has so far read about it he keeps finding himself relating it to MDPV (little euphoria or euphoria which quickly dissipates,very small doses,very similar look/taste/smell/very fiendish).Does any swimmers know if this is coincodence or if it really is similar to MDPV?If it is then SWIM would be surprised if it did catch on but very wary of problems if it did.SWIM needs to find some good trip reports now.
  7. kalishakti
    God forbid the governments of the world just acknowledge reality, and stop punishing simple possession of more established and (time-proven) safer drugs like marijuana and the classical psychedelics. This whole "legal drugs" dilemma stems DIRECTLY and SOLELY from prohibitionist drug policies.

  8. BoyInTheCountry
    A seller realising he is running out of time to make money from Mephedrone so selling bullshitty stories to the papers? I think soooooooooooo.
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