Deal or No Deal?

By beena · Feb 17, 2008 · ·
  1. beena
    SWIM apologises to those DF users that do not live in England as they will probably not have a clue what I am on about.
    But Deal or No Deal.....whats that about?
    SWIM has just turned on her telly (its 1.30am in the morning, English time) and the first thing she sees is Noel Edmonds strutting his stuff. Yuk!
    SWIM doesn't get this phenomenon that is Deal or No Deal. Every freaking episode of the show is the same, ie crap. And whats this 'system' people keep talking about?? There's no freaking system, its just a load of random boxes containing random amounts of money. It matters not which order you pick them in. What a load of bollocks. Why are people watching this? Why is it on at 1.30 in the morning now as well as every freaking afternoon? Why am I getting so angry about it?

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  1. savingJenniB
    U R correct. I haven't clue about what you are talking about????

    Sun's out. Surf's up. Why you hanging in your crib like a silly couch potato spanking yourself??

    Waiting for a lousy load of bullocks?
    Knarly, man!
  2. GypsySoul78
    Bloody Deal or No Deal!!!!!!! (yes it's on here too) Just give me a DEAL and I'll be happy ;)
  3. drbeer
    We even got a french version of the show around here that is even more pathetic than the american version.

    I liked the show at first because I thought: Sweet, easy money! Well... after you know that everything the people says and does must be approved by the show producers, you just realise that's it's a pain in the ass to even get invited on the set and have a shot at selling a metal case containing a penny.

    I think I know why you're angry about it. It's because it's totally stupid, fake and pointless as a show. The sheeps loves this kind of crap.
  4. Orchid_Suspiria
    I hate game shows for the most part so I don't have any idea either.Then again I also live in the States.
  5. Synesthesiac
    That game is sooooooooo useless. It could be done in thirty seconds and it would make no difference to the outcome. It just comes down to Noel Edmunds speaking utter crap for half an hour. Who would want to watch that? jeez.
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