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  1. Alfa

    Pro-cannabis campaigner Carl Wagner is being subjected to a police
    investigation into his finances - a power normally reserved for serious drug

    Mr Wagner, who has never been convicted of a drug dealing offence and only
    keeps small quantities of the drug for personal use, says the police are
    conducting a "witch-hunt" against him.

    Police have asked Hull Crown Court to hold a confiscation hearing in
    November, under the Proceeds of Crime Act.

    At the hearing, they will be able to apply to seize money they believe to
    have been earned from drug deals.

    They now have five months to gather any evidence of dealing, and will be
    able to scrutinise Mr Wagner's finances.

    The application comes after Mr Wagner appeared at the court on two counts of
    possession of cannabis, and one charge of cultivating the plant.

    He was given a conditional discharge and ordered to pay UKP 100 costs.

    The campaigner, who runs a stall selling cannabis-related goods in Hull's
    Indoor Market, says he is being victimised by police, who last year raided
    his home.

    Nine officers in riot gear burst into his house. They found a tiny amount of
    cannabis, which was the subject of Wednesday's court appearance.

    Mr Wagner said: "I contribute to the economy, my children are doing well at
    school and have never heard raised voices or seen violence in the home. Yet
    the police won't leave me alone. How is this in the public interest?

    "I have not been found guilty of supplying, so why is this confiscation
    hearing being held?

    "I do not supply, I had a minor amount of cannabis resin for personal use.
    This is absolutely bizarre."

    "Drug dealers don't live in rented houses, drive F-reg cars and owe UKP
    4,000 in bills.

    "If you sit on my sofa you fall through it, and we have only just bought a
    new TV after having the last one 13 years. Does that sound like a rich drug

    A spokesman for Humberside Police said: "Recovery of assets in relation to
    drugs offences is a course of action available to the police or the Crown
    Prosecution Service.

    "The merits of such action in this case is being considered and will be

    judged upon by the crown court."

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  1. searcher
    Everyone that is involved with "reform" will get harrassed. The police and authorities will always be "anti drug", It gives them something to do.
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