Dealing with ecstasy in Mobile County

By lexifer · May 2, 2008 · ·
  1. lexifer

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  1. Panthers007
    What a rock of shit. Ecstasy addicts with machine guns? Yeah - MDMA leads to violence. I should call these idiots at Mission of No-Hope and get there party-line on the terrible damage MDMA causes people. Ask them to cite sources.
  2. lexifer
    Yeah, but there was also a 1.5 kilos of coke found as well. I don't know about you but its nothing new to hear about coke dealers having machine guns and assault rifles.
  3. Panthers007
    Quite true. But the emphasis of this article was on the ecstasy, not the cocaine. The guy looks like a weasel - but the pious liars jumped at the chance to smear MDMA.
  4. aerozeppelin123
    "This arrest and seizure means countless lives are saved."

    Yeah right, do they actually think that there's now going to be a whole load of people going oh no now I can't get any drugs...nope they're just gonna go and get it from someone else. Not a single life will be saved. I don't understand how police officers like that can't see the futility of what they're trying to do.
  5. lexifer

    By no means do I disagree with you. Mainly was just pointing out that the most probable reason for them to have the weapons was due to the cocaine. I completely agree that they are taking a shot at MDMA and painting it as some horrific substance.
  6. AddyCrazy
    If anything people are just going to be sold other shit as MDMA like meth or dxm or something easily obtainable/made and cheap. Good job coppers.
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