Dear cops, what part of ILLEGAL don’t you understand?

By Balzafire · Aug 1, 2010 ·
  1. Balzafire
    First Krentz, the white rancher, was killed.

    There is still no suspect, nor any evidence as to who did it, but speculation was all that was necessary for people, including Democrats such as Gabrielle Giffords, to use this to increase fear of immigrants and to militarize the border.

    Then an officer in Pinal County was shot.

    He was all alone, away from his car, and then said that a drug cartel shot at him with advanced weaponry shot at him. I knew this was a lie because if it was true, he would not be alive to talk about it.

    It turns out that an investigation revealed that his story is not consistent, and the facts don’t add up. This was still enough for Jan Brewer to broadcast on Facebook about this incident and spread more anti-immigrant hate.

    Then a Chandler police office was killed this week.

    Today we are learning that he died selling “seized evidentiary marijuana.” Some 500 pounds worth of marijuana. Perhaps cops should set an example and not sell drugs for any reason.

    If selling drugs is bad, then selling drugs is bad. No one is above the law. What part of ILLEGAL drug dealing don’t you understand?

    [h1]Chandler officers in shootout were trying to sell pot[/h1]
    by Jim Walsh
    The Arizona Republic

    Chandler police detectives were selling 500 pounds of marijuana in an operation called a “reversal” when they became the victims of a botched drug ripoff in south Phoenix, according to court records released Friday.

    Two defendants in the fatal shooting of Detective Carlos Ledesma, 34, showed police $250,000, demonstrating they had the cash to buy the pot, at a fast food restaurant at 19th Avenue and Broadway Road in Phoenix, and later inspected a sample at nearby location, documents prepared by Phoenix police said.

    But when police drove their unmarked vehicle into a garage of a house in the 2300 block of W. Maldonado Avenue loaded with marijuana, shots rang out inside that eventually left Ledesma dead and two other detectives critically injured.
    Chandler and Phoenix police both confirmed the scenario as efforts were underway to plan Ledesma’s funeral.
    Sgt. Joe Favazzo, a Chandler police spokesman, said the undercover operation did not involve a traditional exchange where dealers sell drugs to undercover agents. In this case, the undercover officers had the drugs and the suspects had the cash.

    “This is a reversal,” said Sgt. Joe Favazzo, a Chandler police spokesman. “This is seized evidentiary marijuana.”
    He said one wounded detective was doing “much, much better” at St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center while the third has been released from the hospital.

    Neither Favazzo nor his Phoenix police counterpart, Sgt. Steve Martos, could say why the Chandler detectives were attempting to sell the marijuana to buyers in southwest Phoenix. The botched drug ripoff on Wednesday evening also left two suspects dead and another hospitalized, while five others were arrested on charges ranging from first-degree murder to possession of marijuana with intent to distribute.
    One of the dead was identified Friday as Markiese Royalty, believed to be 26, the cousin of another suspect Jerry Cockhearn III, 34. The second has not yet been identified.
    In addition to Cockhearn, those in custody were identified as Thadika Singleton, 38, John Webber, 37, Doarnell Jackson, 35, Jerry Wayne Cockhearn, 25, and Eldridge Gittens, 34.

    via Chandler officers in shootout were trying to sell pot.

    by three-sonorans on Jul. 30, 2010


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