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Dear L.W..... (RANT!)

By DHCdiva · May 28, 2012 ·
  1. DHCdiva
    it's almost quarter to three in the morning, and while I should be recovering from an operation, I am wide awake angry and furious after discovering what you have done.

    As you are aware, we live in a small village. Why you have seen fit to start such a vicious, unfair, cruel and untrue rumour about me whilst I am battling against health problems is beyond my comprehension.

    While many of my friends have said "Don't worry about it - we know the truth and we know she's making it all up", there are other people and gossip mongers who thrive on this kind of thing.

    Since living here I have worked hard for this community, I have set up a number of toddler groups - of which you attend - and have given 8 years of my life to that and doing voluntary work with the local youth group. To be given thanks in the form of nasty falsehoods being made about me is despicable.

    What on earth has possessed you to do this?!

    I have never hurt anyone, nor treated anyone in an ill manner, and take pride in knowing people regard me as a trustworthy member of this community, yet for some reason you are seeking to destroy that. I am loyal and hardworking, and give my all to the community groups I serve, but now I feel as if I cannot face going out when I have recovered rom my operation because I do not know who has heard what, and who they believe.

    All I have to hope for, is that Karma bites you in the arse big time for this....


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