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  1. Rightnow289
    A drink-driver who killed a friend when a game of chicken on a Nottinghamshire road went wrong, has been jailed.


    Steven Yates, 21, of Fairweather Close, Boughton, admitted causing the death of Daniel Garrett by careless driving while over the alcohol limit.
    Nottingham Crown Court heard after a night out last July, Mr Garrett jumped in front of his own car but Yates, who was behind the wheel, failed to stop.
    Yates was jailed for four years and three months and given a driving ban.

    Speed 'underestimated'

    The court heard that after drinking together in Ollerton, Yates, Mr Garrett and Mr Garrett's sister Katy got in to the Vauxhall Tigra.
    But after a minor crash on Brake Lane, Walesby, the Garretts got out and Yates - who did not have a licence - was given a turn driving.
    Judge Jonathan Teare, said: "It's clear that Daniel played some form of chicken [in the road].
    "He imagined I suppose that he would scare you and that he would be able to step back to the verge without any danger to himself.
    "He probably underestimated the speed you were doing. For that vehicle on that lane in those conditions, it was far, far too fast."

    Source - http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/nottinghamshire/7899557.stm


  1. RPMiS0
    Drink driving really pisses me off. Why does anyone do it? I just cannot fathom the idea of being in control of a giant heap of metal at speed while under the influence.. crazy.

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