Death penalty urged for drug dealers

By jholmes800 · Feb 28, 2007 · ·
  1. jholmes800
    BARRE - Mayor Thomas Lauzon says Vermont is losing the war on drugs, and that the solutions are to legalize marijuana and impose the death penalty on dealers of crack cocaine and heroin.

    "I'm sure everyone will distance themselves from me," Lauzon said Saturday. "but if anyone tells you we're winning the war on drugs, they're lying."

    Of hard drug dealers, he asked "What social value do they have? They are dealing crack and heroin to young people, knowing full well well what the effects will be. What purpose do they serve in society other than to destroy lives, to destroy families?"

    Lauzon said he hopes to host a statewide forum in late April on Vermont's problems with illegal drugs.

    Vermont does not have the death penalty for any crime. Republican Gov. Jim Douglas has said he might favor the death penalty in some circumstances, but has stopped short of proposing one, in part because it's unlikely the Democrat-controlled Legislature would agree.

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  1. Riconoen {UGC}
    This is what happen when wingnuts like that guy are elected to office.
  2. Nagognog2
    One thing to know about politicians in Vermont is this: They always have a hidden agenda up their sleeves. I'll give you an example:

    Lake Champlain needed Federal funds to monitor pollution and fix the problems causing it. The Federal government told out State Senators to go blow it out their ass when the request rolled onto their (Republican) desks. Our State Senators went to work on a new strategy...

    They found that any lake could be declared a Great Lake. The Great Lakes are legally required to get Federal funding for monitoring/fixing pollution. Our Senators declared Lake Champlain as a Great Lake. The governors of states ajoining the actual Great Lakes went nuts! After much wrangling and crying - the Feds conceded they were beat and gave into the original request for Federal funding. Vermont dropped declaring Lake Champlain one of the Great Lakes.

    The mayor of Barre (pronounced bare-E) is likely up to something similar - considering the demographics of the people in Barre. Perhaps he wants to get pot legalized, and then drop his call for the death penalty.

    Washington, D.C. hates Vermont.
  3. zera
    Too bad the Supreme Court says the death penalty can't be imposed for anything but murder. If only we could get rid of that damn Constitution we could get rid of those bastardly drug dealers. Everyone knows that the Bill of Rights was passed by a bunch of doped up hippies with entire plantations full of cannabis.
  4. darawk
    Wow, talk about a polarizing opinion. On the one hand, hardcore conservatives will hate him for saying marijuana should be legalized. On the other, liberals will hate him for saying drug dealers should get the death penalty. Something tells me this guy isn't going to be re-elected.
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