Death shows danger of internet drug buying

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  1. ~lostgurl~
    Death shows danger of internet drug buying

    26 May 2007
    NZ city News

    National is raising concerns about buying prescription medicines online after a Blenheim man died as a result of overdosing on anti-depressants he had purchased from India on the internet.

    It is illegal in New Zealand to have prescription-only medicines which have not been obtained with a prescription. Marlborough's coroner has expressed concern the pills in the Blenheim case made it through the mail system and past Customs.

    National's Associate Health spokeswoman Dr Jackie Blue says people can import drugs, but need to prove to Customs they have been prescribed by a doctor.

    She says it is a concern this did not happen in the Blenheim case. Dr Blue says with a proliferation of drug advertising in the form of spam email, people are likely to try to buy more medication online. She is calling for an education programme on the dangers of self-medicating.

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    That does not reflect the dangers of purchasing meds online.
    That reflects the lack of knowledge based upon the person taking the drug. They might as well have said someone took 10 asprin, overdosed therefor buying asprin from the store may be deadly and that we need to call for an education program on the dangers of self-medicating.

    That drug user won the Darwin Award, nothing else.
  2. lulz
  3. stoneinfocus
    SSRis can lead to serotonine syndrom, tha tcan be deadly.....I had one, becasue of an unfortunat einteraction of threee drugs, that I was prescribed and added some yohimbine, no fun at all, I tell you...
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