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By johnnyvoid · Feb 24, 2008 · ·
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  2. Senor Gribson
    in the future, you should post the article and not just the link.

    Talking (even more bollocks) About Cannabis
    February 24, 2008 · 12 Comments

    We’ve been looking for a worthy adversery in the void ever since the Ukippers stopped biting and unfortunately Debra Bell ain’t one.

    That said while she continues to spout unscientific drivel on her lame website we’ll continue to expose her for the ignorant hypocrite she is.

    For those who haven’t been paying attention, Debra Bell is a bored housewife writer who wrote a diary of her son’s experiences with cannabis to get her through the grinding monotony of another wasted day warn other parents about the evils of killer skunk.

    Shamefully broadcasting her son’s personal life around the world in a bid to stave off the feelings of self-doubt and hopelessness raise awareness about cannabis, Debra has enjoyed a ripple of publicity after the noble drug warriors of the Daily Express took up her plight.

    Recently she was asked to speak at the recent ACMD review into cannabis classification and is very clear in her view that cannabis users should face stiffer penalties and that cannabis should be reclassified as a Class B drug.

    Debra thinks a criminal record and presumably a spell inside will help kids who get into trouble after toking on too many fat ones.

    In her earnest quest for salvation Debra now claims to have set up a charity patroned by tory shadow chief whip Baroness Anelay. However in the small print it becomes clear that she has not set up a charity at all, merely a campaign group.

    Debra is soliciting for funds and as her esteemed husband, a barrister, will likely tell her, claiming to be a charity when you are not is a criminal offence.*

    We’ve informed the Charity Commission of her actions.

    Elsewhere on her site Debra warns that cannabis use can trigger personality change. This seems particularly true in the case of her son, who as we revealed said of his mother:

    “Frequently my parents will sit me down and tell me what they think is wrong with me, which is usually considerable. Add to this that my mum is the kind that thinks MSN messenger is ‘disgusting and pornographic’ and when I arrived on my book return day at school wearing irregular trousers, as I had somehow lost my others in a friend’s bedroom she screamed at me in front all my friends.”

    William also said that cannabis was something he loved.

    Poor William recently appears to have undergone a Damascene conversion and a piece written by William now states his opinion on the evils of Killer Skunk. Interestingly Debra notes in her cannabis diaries:

    “I almost wonder now whether he was doing this so that I would agree to give him money.”

    For once we wholeheartedly agree, particularly as her diaries reveal William was still using cannabis several weeks later.

    Still, this doesn’t stop her from dishonestly using William’s insincere diatribe as propaganda to support her noble cause. After all she’s used every other aspect of her son’s personal life in her campaign which reeks of self-promotion rather than any genuine understanding of the issues.

    William’s original statement can still be read here, or here just in case Debra’s getting all deletey on us we’ve kindly reproduced it here.

    One thing that has disappeared is the link on the front page of her site to her blog. One of Debra’s posts attracting 34 comments, all but one from other parents and cannabis users pointing out the inaccuracies of her position. Debra is repeatedly asked to defend her position but sadly never does. Instead the blog is disappeared, although not being the sharpest tool she’s only removed the link and the blog still can be read here.

    And just in case she decides to delete the blog then lucky void readers can also catch up on the comments here.

    So fraudulently claiming to be a charity, exploiting her son’s personal problems to further her own agenda, failure to answer her critics, providing dishonest health advice and attempted censorship seem to be stock in trade for our Debra.

    The mental health charities SANE and Addaction, who appear to back her campaign, must be wondering who they’ve got into bed with. So for that matter must be her husband.

    *void disclaimer: Talking About Cannabis does not appear on the Charity Commission’s online register and in her campaign notes she talks of forming a ‘company’. If she has in fact establsihed a charity we will of course withdraw our remarks and lobby the Charity Commission as to why it thinks that spreading factually incorrect information about cannabis to the nation’s youth constitutes an identifiable public benefit as required by law.

    Yet More Bollocks About Cannabis
    February 28, 2008 · No Comments

    We feel a campaign coming on so the void is taking out the prohibitionists one muppet at a time.

    It makes a change from shooting fish in barrels.

    We’ll leave Debra Bell to fester in her ignorance for a while and move on to Mary Brett, UK spokesperson of ‘Europe Against Drugs!’ or EURAD for short.

    EURAD exist to “promote education of parents, young people and other concerned citizens about all matters concerning drug abuse”.

    They do this by talking bollocks.

    Mary Brett, appears to be behind the ludicrous cannabis ‘facts’ on Debra Bell’s website having written what she calls a paper called ‘Cannabis: A Cause for Concern?’

    It’s a paper only in the sense that it was once written down on paper and only a true fuckwit could give any credence to the unscientific diatribe presumably inspired by Brett discovering google and thinking she’d turned into fucking Einstein.

    Brett has a BSc and some A levels plus frontline experience in the torrid world of the drug user having spent most of her life teaching in an all boys public school.

    These impeccable academic credentials and gritty past have made her the darling of the scientific community. One scientist told the void: “Not since Mr Bunsen and Beaker has such an incisive mind come to the fore in modern science.”

    Brett’s trick is to ignore the age old paradigm of balance and objectivity and driven only by personal prejudice and sheer hatred she bludgeons her way to the truth.

    Brett believes that theory and fact are the same thing.

    The thousands of studies proving cannabis to be safer than crossing the road are bypassed in favour of tabloid crankery and minor experiments with questionable conclusions.

    Such is Brett’s dilligence at using search engines she has dragged up every myth, misconception, flawed study and out and out lie that has ever been written about the devil’s own plant.

    The studies included which have more credibilty are presented as fait accomplis with a confidence that would make the original researchers shudder at their own lack of zeal in promoting proof of the terrible perils that await cannabis users.

    Take the man who had a brain heamorrage just half an hour after smoking cannabis or Brett’s own brilliant insight that because cannabis has a mild analgesic effect it may stop someone from seeking teatment for heart disease until it’s too late.

    This is Reefer Madness at it’s best folks and can be read here.

    Taking our cue from Brett we’ve decided to write our own (much abridged) paper about cannabis as well.

    ‘Cannabis: A Cause for Celebration!’

    Cannabis Cures Cancer!

    “[THC] inhibited tumour-cell proliferation in vitro and decreased tumour-cell Ki67 immunostaining”; “THC does not facilitate tumor growth nor decreases patient survival.”
    — Guzman M., et al., “A Pilot Clinical Study of Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol in Patients With Recurrent Glioblastoma Multiforme,” British Journal of Cancer, July 2006

    “A strong and statistically significant anti-tumor effect was observed … In particular, for a highly malignant human breast carcinoma cell line … cannabidiol and a cannabidiol-rich extract counteract cell growth both in vivo and in vitro as well as tumor metastasis in vivo.”
    — Ligresti, Alessia et al., “Anti-Tumor Activity of Plant Cannabinoids with Emphasis on the Effect of Cannabidiol on Human Breast Carcinoma,” Journal of Pharmacology And Experimental Therapeutics, May 25, 2006

    Cannabis: Safe to Smoke!

    “We did not observe a positive association of [Marijuana] use — even heavy long-term use — with lung ca[ncer], controlling for tob[acco] smoking and other potential confounders.” Even lifetime use totaling 20,000 cannabis cigarettes did not result in an increase in risk of lung cancer.
    — Tashkin, D.P., et al., “Marijuana Use and Lung Cancer: Results of a Case-Control Study,” Presentation at the 2005 Meeting of the International Cannabinoid Research Society Conference, 2005

    Cannabis: The Aspirin of the 21st Century!

    “The clinical potential of the cannabinoids is large; some people suggest that cannabis could be ‘the aspirin of the 21st century’ … Cannabinoids inhibit pain in virtually every experimental pain paradigm.”
    — David Baker, et al., “The Therapeutic Potential of Cannabis,” The Lancet Neurology, May 2003

    Cannabis Stops Alzheimer’s

    “Our results indicate that cannabinoid receptors are important in the pathology of [Alzheimer’s Disease] and that cannabinoids succeed in preventing the neurodegenerative process occurring in the disease.”
    — Ramierz, Belen, et al., “Prevention of Alzheimer’s Disease Pathology by Cannabinoids: Neuroprotection Mediated by Blockade of Microglial Activation,” The Journal of Neuroscience, February 25, 2005

    Cannabis Cuts Depression!

    “A new neurobiological study has found that a synthetic form of THC, the active ingredient in cannabis, is an effective anti-depressant at low doses.”
    Dr. Gabriella Gobbi, Journal of Neuroscience, October 24, 2007

    Cannabis, it’s safe to drive folks!

    “Evidence from the present and previous studies strongly suggests that alcohol encourages risky driving whereas THC encourages greater caution, at least in experiments. Another way THC seems to differ qualitatively from many other drugs is that the formers users seem better able to compensate for its adverse effects while driving under the influence.”

    H. Robbe. 1995. Marijuana’s effects on actual driving performance. In: C. Kloeden and A. McLean (Eds) Alcohol, Drugs and Traffic Safety. Adelaide: Australia: HHMRC Road Research Unit, University of Adelaide. Pp. 11-20.

    Cannabis Legalisation to Cut Crime

    “It can thus be argued that legalisation of drugs would lead to a reduction in crime, freeing up tax payer money that would have otherwise been spent on the prison service and enforcement of drugs laws.”

    Cannabis/Schizophrenia Link Bollocks Say Researchers

    “Schizophrenia risk is not influenced by variations in the cannabinoid receptor (CNR1) and alpha7-nicotinic acetylcholine receptor (CHRNA7) genes, say UK researchers.

    They also found no evidence for the purported effects of cannabis use on schizophrenia according to variation in the catechol-O-methyltransferase (COMT) gene.

    Schizophrenia is associated with an increased use of tobacco and cannabis, with evidence suggesting that patients may use the drug to alleviate neurophysiological symptoms. The benefits of these substances are thought to be mediated through their effects on CHRNA7 and CNR1, respectively, notes the team. “

    So there you go, biased, unbalanced and utterly unethical, the void is proud to have adopted the Mary Brett school of scientific research.

    What’s worrying is that Talking About Cannabis plan to distribute Brett’s insane meanderings to schools and parents across the UK.

    Come back TalktoFrank, all is forgiven.
  3. johnnyvoid
    ok, just an effort thats all :s
    National Drug Prevention Alliance Funded by Child Abusers!

    It’s never pleasant to kick a man when he’s down but we’ve never shied away from dirty jobs at the void.

    In their own words the National Drug Prevention Alliance plans for the future are sparse:

    “A further significant task during 2006 was an assessment of NDPA’s future role and workscope. Funding was certainly no easier than previews years, with libertarian organisationscontinuing to have a stranglehold. At the same time, the principal operatives are now well beyond retirement age and there is no sign of successors. An attempt to employ NDPA’s 30-something Youth Director as the new NDPA Director foundered because funding could not be found to give him a living wage.

    The conclusion has been that NDPA’s work scope must in future be reduced. All training programmes, including Teenex, Tribes, and Parenting for Prevention, has already been shelved during 2006. Other will be limited by not actively seeking the work.”

    That didn’t stop spokesman and Executive Council member David Raynes spouting misinformed nonsense at the recent ACMD review into the classification of cannabis.

    Raynes appears to think there’s some kind of conspiracy going on, a typical reactionary response, and you can read his views of the day here.

    NDPA spout the usual unscientific drivel on their website which we could take apart until the cows come home and probably will at some point.
    That’s not the story here though.

    Neither is the fact that trustee A. Stoker trousered six grand in 2006 for doing what seems to be very little.

    We won’t even mention that the charity got through almost 40k in 2006, most of this in salary payments but not forgetting six thousand on travel expenses - these guys get around.

    We’re not even interested that as of their last accounts they didn’t seem to have paid the tax which their employees will have had deducted from their salaries.

    And as for their website’s section on Geoffisms, the comments made by Chairperson Geoffory Davies, well sometimes you can’t even take the piss.
    As for the fact they have Christian group Yeldall Christian Centres as members of their Executive Council showing a perhaps otherwise hidden agenda, well this is of no interest to us at all.

    What interests us is the grant of £31,581 that they received from Drug Free America.

    Now there are two organisations bearing this name, the Partnership for a Drug Free America and the Drug Free America Foundation (often abbreviated to DFAF).

    One of these is a boring educational type bunch of prohibitionists of little interest to us (yet).

    However the Drug Free America Foundation are a bunch of Bush loving ultra-Republicans who’s founders created a drug prevention programme described as child abuse by thousands of the kids who had to endure the vicious manifestation of prohibition.

    And it’s the Drug Free America Foundation who paid the NDPA 30 grand to organise a conference for them in London.

    Ambassador Mel Sembler and wife Betty Sembler are the patrons of DFAF who include amongst their official advisors such enlightened souls as election fix-it man Jeb Bush.

    In the 80’s the Semblers founded the Straight programme. Here’s what Fox News had to say about them in a piece that was pulled within a week of being published:

    Samantha Monroe was 12 years old in 1981 when her parents enrolled her in the Sarasota, Fla., branch of Straight Inc., an aggressive drub rehab center for teens.

    Barely a teen, Samantha also had no history of drug abuse. But she spent the next two years of her life Straight Inc. She was beaten, starved and denied toilet privileges for days on end. She describes her “humble pants,” a punishment that forced her to wear the same pants for six weeks at a time. Because she was allowed just one shower a week, the pants often filled with feces, urine and menstrual blood. Often she was confined to her closet for days. She gnawed through her jaw during those “timeout” sessions, hoping she’d bleed to death.

    She says that after she was raped by a male counselor, “the wonderful state of Florida paid for and forced me to have an abortion.”

    She was far from alone in her experiences. The piece goes on to say:

    Soon enough, Straight’s tactics caught up to it in the courts, if not with its political cheerleaders. A college student won a false imprisonment claim of $220,000 in 1983, and another claim cost Straight, Inc. $721,000 in 1990. A Straight, Inc. spin-off called “Kids of North Jersey” settled a $4.5 million abuse claim in 2000. Straight chapters across the country began to shut down, culminating with the last branch in Atlanta closing in 1993.

    Whilst the bad publicity generated by the cases forced Straight Inc to change their names to the current Drug Free America Foundation the methods utilised by Straight Inc live on in programmes known as “KIDS,” “Growing Together,” and “SAFE” amongst others.

    Several websites exist providing testimony to the abuse suffered at the hands of these programmes but Betty Sembler is unrepentant.
    When asked by a Cannabis Culture journalist about the horrific methods used by Straight Inc Sembler replied: “They should get a life. I am proud of everything we have done. There’s nothing to apologize for. The legalizers are the ones who should be apologizing.”

    So there you go folks, the unpleasant truth behind the funding of at least one prohibitionist group in the UK.

    Who mention none of the above on their website which is a shame because we’d like to hear a Geoffism on working in parnership with child abusers.
  4. growing
    It is nice to live in Canada where maryjane has been decriminalized. Less than 30 grams is ok.

    Drugs do so much good for health care and comfort. But even over-the-counter drugs kill more people each year than illegal drugs. So be sure to read the dosage guidelines before you take a pain pill. Some of them destroy you liver with only a small overdose.

    In the USA, criminal records are public information and any employer can see them during a pre-employment background search of criminal records. It makes it so hard for a person to get a job after getting caught smoking at a party. Then you cannot travel out of the country because you cannot get a visa with a drug conviction on you record. Now, the USA at 1% of adult males in prison. USA is not very smart about drugs and rehabilitation.
  5. Alfa
    Johnny, are you going to do anything else here, but promote your blog site? This comes pretty close to spam.
  6. Senor Gribson
    Actually, Growing, cannabis posession has not been decriminalized here in the great northern wasteland. That happened several years ago and was repealed within two months. In fact, there has been an increase in "crackdowns" on cannabis users in the last few years.
    Due to case law, however, Canada's marijuana laws officially contradict the charter of rights and freedoms. That means that while someone might get arrested for posession, they can't be given a criminal charge in court.
  7. johnnyvoid
    well its not just my website and its being used as a platform for a few folk who'd really like to take out this organisation before they get a chance to do any damage
  8. Alfa
    That just was your first post without links to your site. Keep it up! ;)
  9. johnnyvoid
    heres another :)

    How you can help:
    Contact Debra Bell at [email protected] and let her know what you think (you are unlikely to receive a reply, Debra doesn’t do debate).

    Even better write to one of the charities supporting her, please keep letters polite and to the point if possible.

    Addaction’s press office can be contacted at
    [email protected]

    SANE can be contacted at [email protected] or join their forum here

    Kids Company press office can be reached at [email protected]

    TAC have 4 MPs on their list of supporters (all tories natch)

    They can be contacted at:
    Christopher Chope MP
    [email protected]
    Telephone: 01202 474949

    Graham Brady MP Altrincham and Sale West Constituency Office Thatcher House Green Lane Timperley Altrincham WA15 8QW [email protected]

    Tim Loughton MP East Worthing Constituency
    01903 235168

    Edward Garniere Harborough constituency
    [email protected] 01858 464146
  10. cannabis-sam
    swim emailed drugprevent led by peter twat.

    I said in my email that good hashish was abundant and cheap in the uk in the 60's 70's and 80's described the flawed reseach with huge amounts of synchetic THC etc.

    swim got a reply that said check you facts the average potency of marijuana was %1 THC and failed to answer the rest.

    so swim replied with another email all with links and peer reviewed evidence to back up his claim, months on and still no reply.

    They also said a man died from cannabis toxicity on their website, because a man had been smoking cannabis constantly for years and then died, he was found with high amounts of cannabinoids in his blood.

    although from what swim understands the LD-50 rating on cannabis is extremely hard to determine because they had trouble giving the lab animals enough to actually kill them.
  11. cannabis-sam
    Saw the bitch on breakfast and heard her on five live.

    Now remember she supports this whole class B thing and she actually said.

    "well I suppose if adults want to do it I don't have a problem with that but lets protect our kids"

    Hold on a second did debra bell just say that. Is she a complete fucking idiot. Well yes if drugs were legal adults would be allowed to take drugs and kids would be banned.

    Fuck me anti drugs people are stupid.
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