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  1. Terrapinzflyer
    The SA Medical Journal says South Africa's war on drugs has failed, and they should be decriminalised.

    "Using psychoactive substances may be a vice but should not be considered to be a crime," managing editor JP van Niekerk has written in the February edition of the magazine.

    He said the vision of South Africa's national drug master plan was of a drug-free society.

    "Human history and international experience clearly demonstrate that this does not reflect reality. We should acknowledge this and develop better ways of dealing with human frailty."

    He said a more evidence-based, nuanced approach to the harms of drugs was required.

    For example, he says, it made no sense to legalise the use of alcohol and tobacco, which lay in the upper half of the "harms ranking", not the less dangerous dagga, which also had beneficial effects.

    Policy should aim to reduce the harm that drugs caused, not to embroil more people in the criminal justice system.

    Van Niekerk also said making drugs illicit ceded their control to drug dealers, and escalating the war on drugs made them more valuable and attracted more participants into the illicit drug economy.

    "The war on drugs has failed. Humans have always taken psychoactive substances and prohibition has never kept them from doing so," he said.

    Fri, 04 Feb 2011 5:10


    COMMENT: Attached is a PDF of the article in the South Africa Medical Journal


  1. Spucky
    AW: 'Decriminalise drugs' says SA Medical Journal

    There is a lot going on lately,
    i am surprised that i cant find an English Article about the Meeting a few Days ago
    in Geneva/Switzerland where the former Prime Minister of Columbia, Mexico, Brazil
    and the Switzerland hold a Meeting!

    Decriminalization instead of legalization!
    For the next June a meeting is planned in the USA.
    Besides, an action plan should be established which should move the USA and UN
    to change her narcotic policy radically.
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