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Demonetization Driving Demand for Opium Edibles in Delhi

  1. perro-salchicha614
    Party organizers in Delhi have figured out a novel way to cope with the drug shortage caused by demonetization: opium edibles. According to government agencies, the supply of drugs to India has been postponed because demonetization has left dealers and clients short of cash.

    As one source explains, “To cope with the situation, the organizers (of parties) who have ordered raw opium and other high-end drugs are likely to opt for fusion of drugs with edibles.” “This way the quantity of drugs will increase and the organizers will be able to satisfy more customers by advertising the drug as a fusion mix.”

    A color resemblance allows peddlers to combine the two products apart from the fact that both contain sugar and gum. They can sell the resulting product for Rs 60,000, or 1 lakh a kilogram. "Usually, to increase the weight of opium, suppliers combine it with chocolate malt drink mixes," said a source. "The color resemblance and some similar ingredients are helpful."

    The drug is usually smoked, but can also be eaten, added to drinks, or injected. Sources say most youngsters in India consume it in powder form. Drug dealers usually sell it as a powder, or as a sticky solid. Opium is usually smoked, because it hits the brain quicker.

    Investigation agencies in the National Capital Region (NCR) say this is not the first time that drug users are experimenting with fusion of high-end drugs and edibles. Sources say youngsters frequently want to try something new and fresh concoctions often debut near the end of the year when drug supply and consumption go up.

    Note: Never, ever inject opium.

    Photo: Chandradeep Kumar

    Author Bio

    Opium fiend, bon vivant, and all-around pain in the ass.

    Annoying others since 1982.


  1. Hardstepa
    This story is a load of shite. Who wants to take opium at a rave?? Maybe for the comedown but not at the rave. Plus if that picture of the Indian people dancing was classed as a rave then I doubt much drugs will be sold. Maybe tea and biscuits.
  2. perro-salchicha614
    I actually find the come-up from opium quite stimulating. In the old days, opium used to be considered a stimulant. I've taken opiates (usually in combination with alcohol) many times at parties.
  3. aemetha
    Harstepa, I suspect it goes like this:

    Raver: Got any E's?
    Dealer: Nope, no cash for it.
    Raver: Okay, got any speed?
    Dealer: Nope.
    Raver: Got any RC's or acid?
    Dealer: Nope, none of that either.
    Raver: Well, what do you have?
    Dealer: I got opium and chocolate or opium and strawberry.
    Raver: Fine, just give me some of each.
  4. foremoreaddict
    Raver's Friend: Did you score anything?
    Raver: They didn't have any of the good stuff but I got some opium.
    Raver's Friend: Sucks man but at least we have something to chill out with for tomorrow, for now I think we should just have some caffiene and alcohol, if they have it.
    Raver: Yea and look for a better dealer or rave scene.
    Do you recommend that combination then?

    Smoking doesn't hit the brain faster than injecting. Do many people inject it and is it even worth mentioning because of such risks?
  5. perro-salchicha614
    No, I don't recommend it. My point is that it's plausible that people might enjoy taking opium at a party. Many people report an energizing effect from opioids like oxycodone or hydrocodone. I used to take my PST in the evenings as well, and it would keep me up and energized until well into the middle of the night.

    Believe it or not, questions about injecting opium do pop up in that part of the forum occasionally. Due to the plant matter in it, injecting it is likely to cause an infection. It's worth mentioning. I think the original author meant that smoking is faster than taking it orally, which is the ROA that's the subject of the article. I do apologize for not catching that.
  6. foremoreaddict
    Thank you for clarifying. I agree that it is plausible. As Aemetha suggested, it probably wouldn't be a DOC by many including myself and I would probably turn it down mainly because of addiction risk and I think it would quickly become a just-stay-at-home drug vs something like MDMA (could be I've just read too many DF threads and recovery journals). I'm not necessarily saying that some amphetamines are any better though.

    I have seen some threads/posts on DF about injecting opium so I do believe you and it just makes sense some people would think of that. I can see what the author meant but I was pointing out a flaw in their statement and their dangerous point. Though it can be injected, it is unreasonably dangerous kinda like saying petrol can be used for your car and you can get a high from driving but you can also huff it and get high.
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