Denmark: Police warn against dangerous drug (Another bromo-dragonfly incident)

  1. ThirdEyeFloond
    Here is a quick translation of a news article from one of todays papers:
    Source: [Article in danish]

    It isn't the first time there has been a case with Br-dragonfly here, so dunno why they say it's the first time it's been observed here other than for keeping up their rep as talentless journalists.

    ThirdEyeFloond added 246 Minutes and 20 Seconds later...

    The incident was mentioned shortly in the news on the national television station TV2. A police officer was interviewed and he warned against the substance since people don't know how they'll react to it and saying that because it's a longacting compound with a slow onset people may mistakenly keep redosing untill they eventually OD.

    For anyone wanting to dust off their linguistic skills in danish here is the news segment:

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  1. Alfa
    Does anyone know what medical problems the intake of bromo-dragonfly caused in these two people? Is there an indication of the dose?
    Bromo-dragonfly turns out to become a very problematic compound.
  2. ThirdEyeFloond
    I've been looking through the online versions of most of the larger newspapers today, and most tell the same story. The journalists collective memory loss has cleared up and most articles mention that one person in Denmark actually died from this substance back in the fall of 2007 before it became a scheduled substance.
    There hasn't been anything specific mentioned about what medical problems the two were hospitalized with if any and SWIM thinks it was mainly due to a psychosis/freak-out because one paper mentions they were "commited" to the hospital and that one of the two men where found in the woods acting "completely obstreperous".
    SWIM may know some of the partygoers although he isn't sure, and hasn't heard any personal accounts of the events yet. The beutiful area at Moesgaard has been used for underground parties in the woods right down to a beach for many many years, but AFAIK this was a publicly announced event, which usually attracts a bigger but v. different crowd than the treehugging hippies that use the so-called Karma-spot for underground psy-trance events, so SWM's acquaintances might easily have stayed away.
    No mention of dosage, but the substance was purchased as a liquid, and the two men had mixed it in alcohol and consumed it at home before going to the party.
  3. cra$h
    I've never heard of Bromo-Dragonfly, until now, and it doesn't sound like something that would be very recreational, exept if one's going away for a weekend. But swim can't imagine how tired swim would be if he tripped for 2-3 days. Probably mistaken for acid or something. But not anything swim would want to trip off of, unless swim has a weekend in the woods.
  4. Lobsang
    Damn it. Damn it to fucking hell. This shit makes me so mad. Ad the reason this crap happens is because decent psychedelics are not available. Now we know fucking bromo dragonfly could be on a blotter. Geeeeeze! Bromo fucking dragonfly! What in the hell are they going to come up with next?
  5. radiometer
  6. Alfa
    Oh yummy. Please upload this to the file archive. I cant from this PC.
  7. Lobsang
    Re: Bromo-dragonfly linked to tissue necrosis in Swedish case

    I cannot read anything but English but I assume the pictures are of the cosequences of claudication of the upper extremities because of vasoconstriction. It is interesting to note that LSA can claudicate the extremities as can ergot poisoning I am pretty sure. I do not know to this degree however. SWIM took a high dose of LSA for a numer of days and lost his upper extremity pulses but only while the LSA was in his system. The problem remitted at the end of the "trip".

    I just found this interesting.
  8. radiometer
    Got a bit of a word from elsewhere:

  9. Panthers007
    This really sucks. And I'm guessing it's verifiable. Truly one of those occasions where Sasha should have hired a rat for a little cruelty. And this opens the question on vasoconstriction of other related materials. Perhaps the development of a new yardstick: the Vasoconstrictive-Index of Phenethylamines and Amphetamines with 2,5, and 4 substitutions.
  10. El Calico Loco

    Swim would love to know how significant the effect is for 2C-I and 2C-E.

    He also wonders what the hell to do with 500mg or so of Bromo-Dragonfly he's had sitting in his freezer for months. He doesn't often have two days to waste, and he didn't get much out of it the two times he tried. News like this makes him even less willing to experiment further.

  11. Alfa
  12. Panthers007
    I am guessing a lot of monkeys are facing the same dilemna - even without hearing this news from Denmark. Perhaps sealing milligrams in blocks of clear lucite and selling 'em as psychedelic-paperweights?
  13. El Calico Loco
    I'm sure many putting it on blotter and selling it to teenagers as, "Like acid, but better!!"

    I am sometimes cynical about my fellow man.

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