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Denver woman says she urinated on $30 million painting during bath salt bender

  1. Rob Cypher

    A Denver woman caught on camera urinating on a $30 million Clyfford Still painting last December in now saying she was under the influence of bath salts when she had her museum meltdown.

    Carmen Tisch, 36, told KDVR-TV that she doesn't remember the day she stumbled into the Clyfford Still Museum and was caught on security cameras pummeling a 10-foot-tall, 13-foot-wide painting by the noted Abstract Expressionist before urinating on the work.

    "I was a pill popper, heroin addict. I was in the methadone clinic for while," Carmen Tisch said. "And when I got off the methadone that’s when I started drinking a lot. That’s when I was doing the bath salt."

    Now sober, the heavily tattooed Tisch said she was in shock when police told her what she had done after she came down from her high a few hours later in a jail cell.

    "I'm kind of scared to watch it just to see myself like that," Tisch told the station.

    "I was in shock," Tisch said. "I was ashamed and also a little relieved that I didn’t murder somebody."

    The painting suffered an estimated $10,000 in damage, The Denver Post reports.

    Police initially thought she was under the influence of alcohol.
    Tisch is now on probation after a stint in jail and spending time in two psychiatric wards, the station reported. She also is tested weekly for drugs and alcohol.

    Tisch's lost day wasn't her first run-in with the law. She was busted for armed robbery in 2010 and for drunken driving in 2008.

    Tisch says there are only two things she needs to stay sober.

    "I got God, and I also have a daughter," Tisch said. "My daughter, she comes in my mind every time now."



  1. Rob Cypher
    So she was convicted for armed robbery in 2010 and walking the streets by December of the next year? Hmmm.
  2. Alfa
    Well, looking at her photo, you would never have guessed that she would do something as crazy as this. It must be the bath salts.
  3. Baba Blacksheep
    Possibly a form of artistic expression or could it be exhibitionism at an art exhibition?
    Certainly looks like a walking canvas.
  4. mickey_bee
    To be fair, if I'd done something stupid/obscene/violent etc in the US recently, I too would be playing the bath salts card.

    Oh it wasn't me judge, it was the bath salts! Soon they'll start saying the 9/11 hijackers were all 'high on bath salts and Islam!'

    Mention bath salts and you get yourself on the news and can redirect responsibility from yourself, to the government for not doing something about this terrible, yet legal drug, -turns you into the victim.
  5. TheBigBadWolf
    You beat me to it. Right what I wanted to say.

  6. godztear
    Very true. When I was locked up last year it was surprising how many people coming into jail used the bath salts card. Sure they chose to do the drugs, but as soon as they sobered up it was the "Oh I never would have ran from the cop if I wasn't on bath salts" routine to the judge. I watched people who were otherwise looking at years of incarceration shipped off to rehab because they said they were high on bath salts.
  7. esoteric_explorer
    Run for the hills, the bath salts are coming to rape your houses and pillage your women and turn everyone into insane cannibalistic exhibitionist art critics!

    Why does nobody question the fact that this wave of drug-induced insanity was suspiciously absent before the miami zombie debacle became big news?

    I thought this kind of media-induced drug hysteria/moral panic bullshit was a thing of the past
  8. trdofbeingtrd
    Okay, let's get real about bath salts, which these FACTS can all be backed by the news media.

    -Hitler was a normal person who loved everyone, until he took "bath salts"
    -Sadam was a compassionate leader and cherished every one of his citizens, until he took "bath salts"
    -No serial killer in the history of man/woman kind killed one person or tortured one animal, until they took "bath salts"
    -People even in the most desperate to stay alive times of their life did not resort to eating unpleasant animals and other humans, until they took "bath salts"

    These are all FACTS that are backed by the media in a non biased, non propaganda, and completely honest reporting style and trend which is proven beyond a shadow of a doubt by the fact that they are facts that are backed by the media in a non biased, non prop..............

    If circular logic don't make all these news stories true and show that "bath salts" (because again, there is only ONE type of bath salt and it causes everyone who ever does it to do something that no human in history now or ever would/will do) are the blame of every human oddity and crime, NOTHING does.
  9. enquirewithin
    Some modern art does make you angry, but that is taking things too far!
  10. Routemaster Flash
    Exactly. Couple of weeks ago this 19-y-o girl in Scotland was arrested after doing a 'strip tease' in a supermarket - promptly blamed those terrible, terrible 'bath salts' she was on. Yeah sure love, never mind the three spliffs, handful of Es and bottle of Buckfast you'd consumed as well. She claimed it was 'totally out of character' and that she's a 'good, hard-working girl' really. There was a photo of her accompanying the article: pretty much the most stereotypical stupid slag you can imagine.

    I think a lot of idiots now think you can basically do any old retarded shit and then say "Oh, it was the bath salts!", because a) we all know that stuff turns you INSTANTLY CRAZY and therefore removes all moral agency from you, right? and b) it makes you the victim of some nefarious 'legal highs' vendor, thus further morally letting you off the hook.
  11. storkfmny
    A 36 y/old adolescent.
  12. MrG
    From the original article, "Bath salts are a hallucinogenic drug that have recently been linked to numerous bizarre -- and often grisly -- crimes across the U.S."

    So, as has been said, it would appear that 'Bath Salts" are a single compound, according to lazy-assed journo's who can't be bothered to spend thirty fucking seconds using the interwebz to get some actual facts.

    Ah yes, playing the "I got God card", always a winner in the land of the fundie Xtians. How about doing the right thing because you have a child depending on you, hmm, or is that not enough to keep you from getting ripped off your tits and creating havoc?
  13. Basoodler
    Was she on bath salts when she got that god awful diamond tattooed on her neck?

    I understand the value in giving all synthetics the blanket name "bath salts". Its a way to simplify the perceived problem. The media can't really say one chemical is safe and another is dangerous when the user , dealer or experts have no idea what chemical is in each batch.

    The fault lies in the hands of the people mixing this shit up and selling it. If mdpv or apvp were still exclusively sold as singular chemicals over the internet there would be no hype or minimal hype. Now that its a metaphoric "fuck off" statement to the dea, law enforcement and the drug free folks its going to be blown up. The retailers are basically fucking over conventional values and laws and the user is displaying reckless behavior in consuming unknown drugs.
  14. Aminatrix
    Yea, it was the "bath salts" fault.. forget about the 2 felony convictions she had BEFORE she'd ever done them, let's just jump on the bandwagon and blame all our woes on bath salts, then we can just BAN them, and our problems will go away!

    Oh wait... that's not how it works... or is it? No.... definitely not

    I also agree with Basoodler, the vendors really screwed everyone who thoroughly enjoyed RC's in (mostly) safe ways. Now with all the attention, and the HUGE array of chemicals that can fall under the "bath salts" umbrella term, the days of easily accessible RC's may be nearing the end. Especially with such vague language banning chemicals based on agonist action, absolute horrible constitutional breach imho. (Starting WAY back when the government started telling me what to put in my body -.- especially because what the government says is "ok" is very often more dangerous than things they say are bad!)
  15. Routemaster Flash
    There's a very good chance she was just drunk and is attempting to use 'bath salts' as a get-out-jail-free card.

    You could get tested for known drugs and then, when nothing turned up, say "Well it must contain some new drug you don't know about".
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