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  1. chillinwill
    Deputies in Lake County had a panicked woman on their hands Thursday when they arrived at a home where they said a daughter gave her mother a cookie laced with marijuana.

    After receiving a call regarding a possible overdose, deputies headed to 24741 Pink Panther Road in Paisley.

    The victim, Donna Fronek, was already being transported to the medical center in DeLand.

    Karen Fronek Spencer, 43, did not tell her mom that she had given her a cookie with marijuana baked into it, deputies said.

    Raymond Spencer, the arrestee's son, said he saw his mom give his grandmother the cookie and then saw her have heart problems, which he thought were palpitations. Raymond Spencer tried to calm his grandmother down while paramedics were on their way.

    Amanda Miner, Raymond Spencer's girlfriend, said she also saw Karen Fronek Spencer give the cookie to her mother. Miner said that Karen Spencer told her mom that the cookie was going to make her body feel better. Miner told Fronek that she had just eaten a pot cookie.

    Deputies said there were no pot cookies left when they arrived at the home.

    Karen Fronek Spencer told deputies that she had only given her mother a small portion of the cookie and did not mean for her to get sick. She was arrested on food tampering and elderly abuse charges and taken to the Lake County Jail where she is being held on $20,000 bond.

    Fronek was treated and released. She said the incident was all a mistake and wants her daughter home.

    "No, she didn't abuse me. It was a lot of it laughter, she just thought, just thought I needed to be more relaxed," Fronek said. "She said it was herbs, and that's all there was. I ate just a little bit, and that was enough. It made me feel bad."

    "She's been in bed all damned day. But she is going to make it. She's tough," husband Fred Fronek said. "I think the cops went overboard. I think the judge went overboard. I said they didn't drive 3,000 miles to just to hurt their mother, her mother."

    Karen Fronek Spencer and her family had just driven from Oregon for the holidays hours before the cookie incident.

    "She came here to be with us, and we helped her to be here, and no, she didn't abuse me," Donna Fronek said.

    The sheriff's office said that if the parents want the case dropped, it's an issue to take up with the state attorney.

    Investigators said the cookie given to Donna Fronek intentionally made her sick enough to spend five hours in the hospital. That, they said, is abuse.

    December 18, 2009


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