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  1. Basoodler

    After Charlotte County Sheriff's deputies arrested a Gulf Cove woman Monday morning on three outstanding drug warrants, they were surprised to discover nearly 100 pills hidden in her vagina.

    Jennifer Emily Creque, 31, was originally arrested for Violation of Probation.

    Shortly after midnight, intake deputies conducted a strip search of Creque and discovered a condom that she had placed in her vagina.

    Deputies say inside the condom was a cellophane wrapper with tape around it that contained seven Morphine, 20 Carisoprodol, and 69 Tramadol pills; 96 pills in total.

    According to deputies, Creque said she knew it was against the law but needed the drugs to help her sleep.

    In addition to Violation of Probation, Creque was charged with three felony counts of Smuggling Contraband into a Jail Facility (Morphine, Carisoprodol, Tramadol), Possession of Morphine, Possession of Carisoprodol, Possession of Prescription Medication without a Prescription, and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia.

    This is the eighth time Creque has been booked into the Charlotte County Jail with 14 records. She remains in jail on no bond.



  1. Potter
    I'm still confused on these stories, do people walk around all the time with pills in baggies in their holes, or are they doing this before turning themselves in? wouldn't walking around result in the pills being crushed up in short order? (And no, as much as I encourage people to experiment with drugs, I have NO intention of trying this one out...)

    Are there people who go and get arrested for the express purpose of smuggling drugs to jail?
  2. Basoodler
    I don't think there is enough pressure in there to crush the pills ;)

    not unless it was one of those those vaginas with shark teeth.

    She may have smuggled them in to furnish to cell mates. Although, Judging by the number of Vag checks ive seen in the news lately .. even vag checks lit by spotlights with people driving by. I assume it would be a high risk venture to try to sneak drugs in that way

    Judging by the frequency of vagina related drug crimes, and the number of hits vagina themed stories get, maybe we should have a dedicated "Vagina related drug crimes" thread ;)
  3. Basoodler
    Jasmine speed pills sold near school

    CHIANG MAI - Police have arrested a woman who admitted she hid glittery, jasmine scented methamphetamine pills in her private parts to escape detection, a report said on Friday.

    Police said Nahor Jader, 41, had in her possession 3,600 sparkling, aromatic yaba pills when the police arrested her in front of a school.

    Mrs Nahor told the police that she traveled on a bus and hid the speed pills inside her vagina to avoid detection. She put the scented pills in candy wrappers when she reached her destination.
    Police said Mrs Nahor told them that she needed the money to bail her husband, a drug dealer, out of jail.
    The woman said she had transported drugs many times and she received the merchandise and clients' contact numbers from her husband and other inmates.

    Police believed the seized methamphetamine pills belonged to Chaiyawat Pornsakulpaisarn, a leader of Myanmar's black Lahu group and owner of methamphetamine factories in Myanmar.

    • Published: 28/12/2012 at 04:20 PM
    • Online news:

  4. Rob Cypher
    LOL, Florida is always good for these sort of stories...

    Just had to add that because "Charlotte County" exists in three different states as the name for a county and the article doesn't make clear which one it's talking about. :p
  5. stryder09
  6. kailey_elise
    Considering that she only had 7 morphine tablets...I'd assume that she normally takes heroin or morphine, couldn't get more morphine tablets, & procured the tramadol to help her detox in jail.

    And Potter, yes, you often know when you're going to be arrest on 'violation of probation' charges, and usually turn yourself in. At least that's been the experience of my friends (thankfully, I've only been arrested once on a bullshit "failure to report to jury duty" charge - and I'd BEEN to jury duty, 3 times since the time they said I 'failed to report'! - anyhow, and I've never been on probation & thus subject to violating said probation).

    So like I said, I'm assuming she had some kind of opioid habit, couldn't get any more 'good' pills & brought the tramadol with her to make her detox more comfortable.

    Sounds like she should've done her Kegels more often, and maybe the pill-stuffed condom would've stayed up higher. ;) Maybe a diaphragm or Instead cup should be used in addition in an attempt to keep junk shoved up your junk? :) But damn...last time I saw tramadol pills, they were pretty f'n big! That's gotta suck!

    And no, they don't generally get crushed, but the warmth can cause them to start to melt.

  7. Basoodler
    This is a dumb question, but could a cervix ring ( maybe that is what you mean by cup) be made to fasten things into place. I am not sure what sort of elasticity/rubber thing one would need to make such a device, but it seems like it would decrease the chances of detection.
  8. kailey_elise
    By "cervix ring", do you mean something like the NuvaRing birth control device?

    Um...it might. You could try tying the condom to the ring, then inserting the ring. A bit tricky, but could probably be done.

    A diaphragm is a silicon "cup" that has a firm ring of springy metal coil in the rim. This rim is what locks behind your public bone, much like the NuvaRing does. Only it doesn't have any hormones being released into the body. And...has a cup. The cup isn't very deep, but Instead cups (which look like diaphragms, but are made to be used to catch menstrual fluids & be disposable) have slightly larger cups/bowls. However, they also have a thicker rim that my pubic bone just never liked to hold on to properly. Many women do fine with the Instead/SoftCup though.

    I'm attaching images of a diaphragm (the solid colored one) & an Instead SoftCup (get it? you use it INSTEAD of tampons or pads? hahaha). The NuvaRing looks like a diaphragm without a cup.

    ETA: In the US, diaphragms are prescription-only products, but Instead SoftCups are available in any drugstore, in the "feminine hygiene" aisle. ;)

    EATA: None of these is going to escape a GOOD cavity search though, just a "looksie" search or a quick labial swipe. If you're getting a cavity search a la that poor aunt & niece public molestation, these could be detected.

    Although, saying that, in the type of search that seems to be happening in the pictures in the other thread, you wouldn't find something like this, just because your fingers wouldn't really be going very deep inside the vagina (& in that case, why bother; it's essentially a labia swipe).
  9. Basoodler

    I was wondering how intrusive or deep (for lack of a better term) these searches were. I've never been subjected to a cavity search, and even if I had I don't have a vagina ;).

    It just seems like it must be fairly common for women to stash drugs in their vagina's based on the frequency of news reports.. its however not clear how reliable this is for evading detection. Would stashing drugs in your rectum be the better option?

    For quick reference to other recent reports here are links (

    http://www.drugs-forum.com/forum/showthread.php?t=202238 <- meth found in a woman's um..

    http://www.drugs-forum.com/forum/showthread.php?t=201858&highlight=vagina. <-- the roadside cavity search mentioned above
  10. kailey_elise
    It's pretty common to stash drugs in your vagina, because most instances of being searched don't involve deep cavity searches. Leaving a known dope house, it might be a good idea to stash your gear up there (I'd extra bag it), because if you DID get stopped by the cops & they patted you down/searched your pockets, etc, they aren't going to find it.

    In detox/psych ward, you often have to pull your panties down so they can be sure you don't have anything stashed in them, and some places make you stand with your legs apart & cough (usually wearing a johnnie/hospital gown). But if you have *ahem* decent muscle control (& have been doing your Kegels regularly! ;)), you should still pass this test with stuff up your cooch. Provided you don't have 90+ thick pills in there!

    But yeah. Better than putting it in your mouth, as it's less likely to be found & you don't have to try to vomit it up later if you did happen to get stopped by the police! I think the vagina is preferred in part because it *ends*, know what I mean? Nothing can REALLY get lost up there, although sometimes things like to "hide" behind your cervix in the cul-de-sac (and smart girls purposely put things there, if possible (size-wise), as often it STILL won't be detected even with a more thorough search).

    I suppose nothing could really get lost in your rectum either, but it goes deeper than your vagina & could be harder to remove later if it's REALLY up there. :- So, if one has a vagina, it's usually preferred to use it over your rectum. Plus, even though logically one is aware that your dope probably spent time in SOMEONE'S rectum at some point in its journey to your greedy hands...no one really wants to shoot dope they KNOW was JUST in someone's ass. Heh.

  11. Cranoo
    It isn't uncommon for people to insert drugs into their anul cavity when they're going to do time!
  12. curlysue
    Years ago, a dealer/friend of mine called me one night asking me to ride with him to a different state because he 'needed a female in the car if he got pulled over.' I respectfully declined and suggested another female who was more than willing to stuff drugs up her hooha. I also knew a girl that would keep her crack pipe in her vagina. That seemed extremely dangerous and extremely disgusting to me.
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