Deputies: Kitten Found Stuffed Inside Marijuana Bong

By Greenport · Mar 3, 2009 · ·
  1. Greenport
    'Kitten Was High-Strung' Owner Allegedly Told Officers

    LINCOLN, Neb. -- A kitten is recovering after allegedly being stuffed in a bong while its owner smoked marijuana at the same time.Lincoln investigators said that 20-year-old Acea Schomaker is accused of animal cruelty for the act.

    [imgl="white"][/imgl]The kitten -- 6-month-old Shadow -- is being treated at a Lincoln animal shelter.

    Deputies said they witnessed the animal being trapped inside the homemade bong as it was being smoked.

    “I have never seen anything like this before,” Lancaster County Chief Deputy Bill Jarrett said.

    The bong is made of Plexiglas and is about the size of shoebox.

    “[It was] taped shut so the cat was exposed to large amounts of marijuana smoke,” Jarrett said.

    Schomaker was wanted on a warrant for possession of marijuana. Deputies found him in his home south of Lincoln.

    They said he was smoking the bong when they arrived.

    Shoemaker allegedly told deputies the kitten was high strung and needed to be put in the bong to keep it calm.

    “The cat appeared to be very lethargic, somewhat in a sleeping state,” Jarrett said.

    Capital Humane Society officials said they have taken X-rays and done other tests to see if the kitten has any long-term affects from the alleged abuse.

    “The individual stated he had done this several times,” agent Bob Downey said.

    The shelter workers said they are working with the sheriff's office and the county attorney to get custody of the animal so it can be put up for adoption.

    “We'll find a home where it will not be subjected to this type of treatment anymore,” Downey said.

    Schomaker was cited for misdemeanor animal cruelty.

    That charge could be upgraded to a felony if the kitten dies or has long-term effects from the alleged abuse.

    A misdemeanor conviction could mean up to a year in jail time, a felony conviction would put Schomaker away for up to five years.

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  1. Potter
    That is FUCKED UP!

    The device: [​IMG]

    The kitten: [​IMG]
  2. Ilsa
    yeah that is REALLY wrong. swim has had cats that would sit close by when she smoked, as if they liked the smoke, and she's had others that run from it. either way it's totally inexcusable to do something like THAT, trapping them or otherwise forcing them to inhale the smoke. what is WRONG with some ppl?! do they think it's funny? jebus help us all.
  3. kerang
    What the hell is wrong with some people! I get so pissed off by reading this story:mad:
    Not only does he force his cat to inhale smoke, but he also re-enforces the public stereotypes of "drugusers". Fu'k!
  4. dutch-marshal
    awww sick people! a little kitten!

    animals don't choose to get high of it! we do..
  5. runitsthepolice
    This kid is an idiot but if they really give him a year in jail I think that's too tough a sentence. He should have to do lots of community service helping animals or something.
  6. nate81
    this guy is a real piece of shit. The smoke could easily ruin that cats lungs for life.
  7. Rainbowzz

    Things like this make me so angry!!!

    Swim has three cats, and honestly, one of them LOVES teh ganja - loves to be around it, sniffs the bag, goes ape-shit-crazy for it(swim has heard this is because of the relation to catnip?) And the other two, will NOT have anything to do with it.

    Forcing an animal to do drugs is WRONG. They don't experience getting high as we do, they don't have the self awareness that we do to be able to process it. For most they probably just experience it as thinking they are ill or obeing in a constant state of fight or flight.:thumbsdown:
  8. Greenport
    SwiM's catnip thinks that while it is alright to smoke out an animal if the animal apparently likes it (and will probably get flamed by the animal freaks for saying that), forcing an animal to be exposed to drugs against its will is wrong. If this guy was maybe petting the cat in his lap and blowing smoke in its face, and the cat wasn't trying to run away during it, then maybe it'd be alright but to stick the animal in a box and force it to inhale large quantities of drugs...that's crosses the line.

    It brings up something important though. At what point is it animal cruelty to give drugs in any form to an animal? If one's cat or dog seems to like pot smoke, and doesn't run away when it is 'offered' to them, is that really wrong?

    SwiM's catnip once knew a chic who would smoke out her wouldn't refuse at all, and afterwards (it didn't take much at all) the cat would start rolling around and purring all over the ground for a few minutes. It would also be more sensitive to being pet...sometimes ya could pet it afterwards and it would start drooling lol. Anyways, swiM's catnip never honestly saw anything wrong with that. The cat always seemed willing, and the catnip's friend never forced it to do anything.
  9. Potter
    Nobody was at an associates house one day when their cat started going through their jacket. Minute later it had pulled out their stash and sat there looking expectantly. If you tried to approach it with out a pipe in hand it would attack you. It would follow the pipe around the room for a few hits before running off to play. Fucking fiend made nobody share the last of their stash with a bunch of jerks.

    Won't somebody think of the pot heads?
  10. Ilsa
    ^^haha, yeah, as i mentioned, swim has had cats that liked the smoke and get excited when she and her bf would smoke, and get up real close to their faces :laugh: i personally do not take issue with that, the animal seems to want and enjoy it. getting back to the OP though, it's way fucked up to do it in THAT fashion. plus it was a kitten--much smaller and more sensitive to toxins in the smoke, esp at the concentrations it would've reached inside that box!
  11. cannabis-sam
    Yeah seems pretty messed up especially as stated the kittens lungs aswell as being smaller than ours are developing, so it can't be good.

    So SWIM's cats not the only one that drools when SWIM smokes around it.
  12. mr. nawtynuff
    It is disturbingly wrong what that kid did to the cat! Whether the feline was a bud smoke aficionado or not it still needs to breath fresh air. “The cat appeared to be very lethargic, somewhat in a sleeping state,” - yeah most likely due to the lack of oxygen it was being denied. And his reason for placing the kitten in the box bong was to "keep it calm", WTF - It's a 6 month old Kitten, it's not supposed to be calm!! Hopefully the furry lil fellow won't exhibit any indication of brain damage! Though it's apparently obvious the ass responsible for this, suffers brain damage himself. It'd be fun to stuff his ass in a dinky uncomfortable little box and use it as a community crack bong! (I don't even particularly like crack, I just chose it because it seems like a suitable punishment :thumbsdown::thumbsdown::thumbsdown:) How sad for shadow!
  13. Sushi
    Once upon a time I found out that two sick bastards tried to force my Cat to inhale mj smoke at the party in my condo. She hated smoke. Especially she hated me smoking cigs, but just about any kind of smoke made her abruptly looking for a new place to be. I got mad. And those f*ckers never entered my home again and they never will, even though my Cat passed away few years ago. Even now I'm seeing red when I recall that night. And I'm reviving it strongly after reading the story of this poor kitten. Beware sick f*cks, I've just watched the first series of Dexter and I'm very angry tonight...
  14. Chronix
    If one was to think about this from the cat's point of veiw. Then they would see that this situatuon, play by play, it pretty fucked up:

    First the humans grab you (possibly while you are trying to run away)

    Thenthey stuff you inside this box you've never seen before where its very dark

    All that can be herd is probably laughter

    Then this odd smelling smoke, or what ever a cat thinks smoke is, starts to fill the box and it becomes harder to breath right

    After time you start feeling very weird

    Then you're competly blitzed (even though i'm not a scientist i think it would to claim that due to the decreased size of a cat in comparrison to a human, that cat would get way way way high, especaily if it isn't used to consuming cannabis smoke.)

    so you're really high, and you cant see anything, the only sound is probably muffled noise from outside...... What would you think????

    I would think that i was fucking dying or some shit. And on top of it all its a fuckin cat which is no where as smart as a human and has, usually, no concept of drugs of getting high.
  15. Rainbowzz
    Thats exactly what the cat would think. The cat would go into a state of flight or fight.. as much as it could, because they don't understand "being high" the way we do. Imagine if you got dosed with something you never had before, without knowing.. and suddenly found it hard to breathe,dizzy, like you were going to pass out, ect, you would probably FREAK. I know swim would.:thumbsdown:
  16. yaba
    I hope they give him a nice time in prison...
    I hate people like that, pedophiles, rapist, bag snatchers, people who abuse venerable adults, and probally some more... Low life scum !!
  17. 538wireman
  18. papel
    Humans are a virus in this wonderful world, and they are distroing it bit by bit!!!
  19. yaba
    Got a bad rep for this post ?? WTF ? It says this: although I agree with the sentiment, this post is just flame

    Now normally I couldn't care less for a bad rep, but for this ? Really don't know whats going on and never replied to a bad reputation before but this one is differen't....!

    Maybe someone got a soft spot for low life scum ? I don't like people who abuse animals or venerable people. Or am I over reacting ?
  20. Rainbowzz
    SWIM would report that through your CP for sure..that seems silly:vibes:
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