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Derry man receives new threat from RAAD

By davestate, Apr 27, 2012 | |
  1. davestate
    A Derry anti-vigilante group have said a man who has been shot in the past by Republican Action Against Drugs (RAAD) has received a fresh death threat. Raymond Coyle, who has also been involved in recent protests against RAAD, is understood to have been told by the police his life is under threat. The businessman was shot by dissident republicans for selling so-called legal highs in his shop in February 2010.

    Davy McCauley of RAAD - Not In Our Name said RAAD are "bullies".
    "I think it's imperative that everyone takes to the streets and we have a united show against RAAD where we come out and we have a rally on Saturday in Guildhall Square. "RAAD represent absolutely no-one, they represent no-one at all, and they offer nothing. "I'm calling on people in Derry now to come out so people don't feel isolated when they try and challenge RAAD."

    'Put guns away'
    SDLP MLA Pat Ramsey said his understanding was that Mr Coyle intended to leave Derry.
    "His family are very distressed and very upset.
    "People know Mr Coyle, he has been very visible at some of the rallies against this type of organisation and rightly so.
    "I think it is important for RAAD to listen to the vast majority of the people in this city and put their guns away and leave people in peace.
    "Lift the threats against people in our community, and let those people who've been forced out of their homes back to their families."
    Sinn Fein MLA Raymond McCartney also called for the threat against Mr Coyle to be lifted.
    "Let nobody be under any illusion that this gang has any concern for the welfare of our community.
    "I repeat my earlier calls to anyone involved with this vigilante gang who has any concern for the people of Derry and the wider area to stop and examine the negative impact of their actions and walk away from those who are directing this community intimidation before they inflict further hurt on their own people."

    24 April 2012


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