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Designer drug vending machines in Poland?

  1. Terrapinzflyer
    After the closure of hundreds of shops selling designer drugs and as a new anti-drug campaign is launched in Poland, a Czech-based company intends to sell the substances via vending machines.

    The Cyberfire Plus company has been set up in Prague, Czech Republic, with 100 percent Polish capital. Those interested in buying what were previously ’legal highs’ in Poland before the recent government crackdown on designer drugs can buy special tokens over the internet and put them into vending machines which will dispense the drug, claims the Rzeczpospolita daily.

    On Friday, the Anti-Designer Drug law comes into force in Poland which prohibits the sale and manufacture of a range of substances. To get around the law, however, retailers have taken to selling the drugs over the internet via servers based in other countries.

    The newspaper reports that a 29 year-old Pole is behind the new company, which intends to sell the drugs from vending machines resembling those which dispense chewing gum or children’s toys.

    Don’t mess with your head

    Meanwhile, a public information campaign under the slogan “Designer drugs screw up your head” (Dopalacze ryją banię) has been launched, trying to warn the young of the potential dangers of the drugs.

    The campaign will target social networking sites and text-messaging services.

    “After the change in the law and the closure of shops, it might appear that the problem has gone away,” vice-president of Warsaw Włodzimierz Paszyński said at a press conference yesterday to launch the new initiative.

    “But this is not so. Drug trafficking has now moved to the internet. This is the challenge to parents and teachers” he added.



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