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Desomorphine, drug for the poor, kills all of its victims

By Aminatrix, Jul 12, 2012 | Updated: Jul 26, 2012 | | |
  1. Aminatrix
    Desomorphine, drug for the poor, kills all of its victims

    (Note: This article is about the drug/poison coctail: "Krokodil" - this is a home-baked way of making the drug desomorphine but the impurities and chemical reagents are not removed.)

    44727.jpeg The police of the city of Ufa found a drug nest in one of the city apartments. The police found a pregnant woman and two young mothers in a state of strong narcotic intoxication in a common city apartment in Aurora Street. Investigators have determined that the flat was used for the production of one of most dangerous drugs - desomorphine, which is known in Russia as 'crocodile'. Unlike heroine, the drug is available to practically anyone. The ingredients for the production of desomorphine can be bought in a common drug store without any prescriptions. A person, who becomes addicted to crocodile, usually begins to rot alive.

    The owner of the apartment, a 28-year-old man, has been arrested. The man told the police that his flat became a drug den about a year ago, soon after the death of his mother. He started drinking because of depression, but vodka only made it harder. The man was afraid of committing suicide, and a friend of his told him to try desomorphine, a medicine commonly known as krokodil (crocodile). The man started taking the drug and then befriended other people who were also addicted to krokodil.

    When the female addicts came to their senses, the police interrogated them. It turned out that the oldest of the women was not even 30 years of age. As a rule, desomorphion turns addicts into elderly people very quickly. A person, who starts taking it, loses a year of his or her life with every dose.

    One of the women said that she was visiting the apartment in Aurora Street every day, going there from across the city. Her ten-year-old son was accompanying his mother during her every visit to the drug den. While the woman was taking a dose, the boy was waiting for her outside.

    The women had been doing the drug for a little more than a year. All of them said that before desomorphine they would sometimes smoke marijuana just for fun. It is generally believed nowadays that pot is not a drug. They smoke marijuana in many developed countries - at schools and at respectable parties, just to have fun. However, as drug addicts say, those who smoke pot for the first time, stand in a long line for heroin. (sp corrected from source)

    This is exactly what happened to the arrested women. After marijuana, they decided to take hashish and heroine. They wanted more and more. When they ran out of money, the women had to choose the "drug for the poor" - desomorphine.

    Practically every drug addict is aware of the situation they find themselves in. As a rule, they want to bid farewell to their addiction. Those women from Ufa were no exception. Medics could not do much to help the women. One of them eventually decided to join the Ufa division of Russia's Transformation organization.

    The organization positions itself as a rehab for alcohol and drug addicts. However, the organization has earned the reputation of a totalitarian sect in the country. When joining the organization, addicts become subjected to violence and different forms of humiliation on a regular basis.

    A member of the organization's program, a drug addict, died in one of its rehabs in the spring of 2009. The activity of the organization was suspended in November 2010, although several of its regional divisions continued working as if nothing happened.

    One of those divisions was opened in Ufa. The above-mentioned woman came to the center in a hope to escape from hell, but she found herself in a different form of hell instead.

    Like other members of Russia's Transformation, the woman was used as a slave at several enterprises of the organization. All the profit received from their work was transferred to the headquarters of the organization in the Kemerovo region. The woman was lucky to escape from the organization. She concluded for herself that there was no hope left for her. She gave up, and crocodile was already waiting for its victim.

    Anatoly Berestov, Doctor of Medical Sciences, a celibate priest, said in an interview with Pravda.Ru that desomorphine drug addiction was legal in Russia.

    "It is legal, the state sells this drug in drug stores. One can go there and easily buy codeine medications that people take when they have headaches or cough. Drug mafia buys those drugs in huge quantities. People can buy that easily.

    "Desomorphine is widely spread in Russia nowadays. It is much more dangerous than heroine or other types of opium drugs. A heroine addict has a chance to become cured of his or her addiction - it is possible in 3 of 100 cases. Desomorphine kills all of its victims and it kills them very quickly. A heroine addict may live up to six or seven years. The life of a desomorphine addict is much shorter - two years maximum. Some may take it for five years, but many people die after taking their first dose of this drug.

    "This is a terrible drug, and the state must do something to save young people from committing mass suicide," Anatoly Berestov said.

    -Arthur Priymak


    I like how Russian media even says "It is generally believed nowadays that pot is not a drug"


  1. nigh
    I donno—I mean I've heard of desomorphine's effects before, but I think some of the claims in this article are a little fishy. I don't think the statement "a person, who starts taking it, loses a year of his or her life with every dose" could really be verified with any degree of accuracy. Anyway, it's not the desomorphine itself that's harmful, but the huge amount of impurities in it. Many people apparently don't bother to purify it any before injecting it.
  2. Aminatrix
    Yes obviously, and that's furthered by the statement in the article say the users live an average 2 - 5 years. Much closer to several months per dose, and even then that's merely alliteration, the Russian language is very much 'rhetorical' ask a native speaker, they will tell you that in Russian some statements are not expected to be taken literally, but with a grain of salt.

    And of course, it's Russian so the media may be influenced or political winds (as they are in USA) so i would take it as possible embellishment, but be advised.

    More on Krokodil

    Desomorphine aka Krokodil

    Desomorphine or krokodil is a home-cooked opiate-based drug that is reportedly up to ten-times stronger than heroin and many times cheaper and toxic. The effects of the drug are both terrifying and fatal. The name Krokodil comes from the reaction the drug on the users body – skin will become greenish and scaly from use of the drug, like that of a crocodile.
    Krokodil is increasingly being used by heroin addicts in parts of Europe as a replacement for heroin but the horrific effects the drug has on the body mean that users don’t have their addiction very long. Users will often die within 2 years of using this home-made drug that is a combination of pain medication and toxic chemicals.

    Combining Toxic Chemicals and Pain Medication
    Desomorphine is typically home made and can be made from a combination of codeine-based tablets, paint thinner, lighter fluid, gasoline, hydrochloric acid, red phosphorous (scraped from matchboxes) and iodine. The result of the cooking of pain tablets and chemicals is a toxic and highly addictive drug.
    Users often continuously cook up the drug in their kitchen to ensure they can maintain their high. The caramel-colored liquid is injected into damaged and gangrenous areas giving users a high that will last 30 minutes at most.

    Terrifying Reactions

    The toxic nature of these chemicals in krokodil cause users skin to change color, turn scaly and eventually become gangrenous. Users skin will be covered in ulcerations around the injection sites as blood vessels rupture and cause tissue to die. Photographs suggest that users skin will be eaten away by the chemicals in the drug which rots flesh to the bone. Users teeth with literally rot out of their heads, brain damage is common and tetanus and blood poisoning is nearly assured.
    Reports suggest that the use of krokodil is increasing in poor regions such as isolated parts of Russia where heroin is difficult to find. Up to 5 per cent of Russian drug users reportedly are now using krokodil or other home-made drugs. According to drug workers, krokodil has higher addiction rates and is harder to get off of than heroin. Users will go through severe and painful withdrawals for up to a month after stopping use, but the long term effects of the drug will last longer. Brain damage, hepatitis, rotted teeth, amputations are some of the side effects.

    Poor-Mans Heroin

    Krokodil has, despite the horrific reactions and side effects, increased in use in Europe since 2002. It is believed that this increase is related to the successes of drug-enforcement programs that have quelled the influx of heroin into countries such as Russia. Heroin addiction treatment in Russia is also underfunded and it should be noted that methadone therapy is illegal, and needle-exchange programs have previously been prosecuted for supporting drug abuse. As a result of work of drug agencies, plus the lack of effective rehabilitation programs in these countries, heroin users have turned to cooking krokodil as a way to deal with their addiction.


    The worst part is I can see that happening anywhere that Heroin is cut off from its users without an alternative.
  3. nigh
    I was just clarifying for others that it's the impurities that are harmful since it wasn't mentioned anywhere in the article. And I'm certainly no expert in Russian journalism, so I'll have to take your word on that. :)
  4. Aminatrix
    Yes very good point! I did post another article as you can see which does mention that, but thank you for reminding me :) (that's why i did it ;p )

    Why can't governments understand that banning substances IS NOT THE ANSWER! People will ALWAYS resort to other substances, which are very often more dangerous. It has proven time and again that medical, reliable access to drugs is the best defense against drug addiction / abuse.

    Netherlands had it right with their "Smart Shops" but recent anti-research chemical maneuvers will surely tail-spin this problem to the next dergee.
  5. southern girl
    We have quite a few threads here about krokodil, or desomorphine. Here is the most prevalent one:


    But if you UTFSE, you should find more.

    And by the way, it really is as horrible as it sounds. If you google krokodil addicts, you will find some pretty explicit and horrific pictures- those of addicts who have had their flesh eaten to the bone, so much so, you can actually see the bone. It really is horrific.

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