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  1. savingJenniB
    You can look . . . and you will Find it.
    You can not look . . . and you Will find it.
    That which is yours will surely come to you.


  1. 23smooches
    thats a really good one. :)
  2. savingJenniB
    Ahh, just took it form a deck of ZEN cards ---
    Trying not to sound so shallow!
    Here's the one I just drew for the day/week
    (i really need to get out of here and go to work this week!)

    Understand that you will be like those with whom
    you surround yourself.
    Your environment is stronger than you are.
  3. fnord
    have you ever seen the movie what the bleep do we know(aka down the rabbit hole? you should check it out if not.
  4. chemlove
    I love this one.
  5. chemlove
    destiny is coming if you run or embrace it. I say embrace it personally hope your doing wonderfull miss chattin w/ you

  6. purplehaze
    Shouldn't it be you can look and you will find it , you can not look and it will find you? Kinda odd though, because i stumbled upon this blog, in the link i've been changing the numbers http://www.drugs-forum.com/forum/blog.php?b=1 at the end and i wanted to see what #1 was and this is it, what a weird find huh.
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