Detroit cops to burn off 1.5 tons of illegal drugs

By Johan73 · Jul 17, 2009 · ·
  1. Johan73
    Police will destroy about 1.5 tons of illegal drugs seized last year now that court cases related to the drugs have wrapped up.

    Cocaine, heroin, marijuana and various pills will be taken to an undisclosed location this morning and burned, police officials said in a release. The disposal is the first of the year.

    The drugs have a street value of $83.3 million, police said. In 2007, about $64.5 million worth of drugs were seized by officers, police said.

    Santiago Esparza / The Detroit News / Friday, July 17, 2009

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  1. Johan73
    Undisclosed location eh? Swim is thinking the smoke plume coming from the area might be a hint? Is this sort of operation even safe, swim's thinking birds and such flying in the area might, well, they might start flying around the area more often. Or if the wind is just right and it gets into the air intake of a large office building or something?
  2. UberDouche
    With all the attention paid to air pollution and air quality by the powers that be, one would think they (the police) may want to run that stuff (smoke) through some kind of filtering process to neutralize the contents?

    Like how it's done with coal-fired power plants, chemical manufacturing plants and the likes.

    As was mentioned above, this could potentially affect some living organisms, including people.
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