Detroit drug bust yields 14 kilos of cocaine

By Terrapinzflyer · Nov 20, 2009 · Updated Nov 20, 2009 · ·
  1. Terrapinzflyer
    Detroit drug bust yields 14 kilos of cocaine

    Detroit Police said they scored big-time this week, nabbing 14 kilos of cocaine in a drug bust from vehicles parked at an 8 Mile Road bar on the city’s west side.

    Police believe the seizure is related to a previous bust early Saturday morning in which officers found 5 kilos of coke in a car in the parking lot of the same tavern, the Splash Bar & Grill on 8 Mile just west of Telegraph Road.

    Together, the 19 kilos of coke had a street value of $8 million, Police Chief Warren Evans said this afternoon.

    Evans called it unusual for local police departments to make such large dope discoveries outside of major busts in partnership with federal law enforcement agencies.

    Early Saturday, police responding to calls about gunshots went to the westside bar and ultimately found 5 kilos of coke in a duffel bag in a car, Evans said.

    They arrested 32-year-old Lawrence Martin of Ypsilanti, who was later arraigned in 36th District Court on a charge of delivery or manufacture of more than 650 grams of a controlled substance, which carries a possible sentence of life in prison.

    Police dogs indicated they detected drugs in two other vehicles, which police towed. On Wednesday, police obtained a warrant to search the vehicles and found $250,000 cash in one and 14 kilos of cocaine in a hidden compartment on the other.

    Evans said police have no suspects in the second drug discovery, but the investigation is ongoing.

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  1. chrisjames13
    Actually glad they got this garbage off the streets with all the deadly cut being put in this shit. However, most likely it goes back on the streets though after sitting in an evidence room for minute once the dirty cops switch it with flour or something.
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