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Devastated daughter stunned after mother's ashes are SNORTED by drunk teenager

  1. Rob Cypher
    A DRUNK teenager stunned partygoers when she swiped an urn from a mantelpiece and snorted the host’s mother’s ASHES.

    Jacqui Tierney fought back tears yesterday as she described the sick stunt, which took place at her house in Dundee’s Hilltown area.

    The 51-year-old was hoping to use the remains to make a piece of jewellery in memory of her beloved mum Hilda, who died four years-ago.

    She claimed the girl responsible fled the house seconds after the “disgusting” stunt, that was branded “the lowest of the low” by witnesses.

    The small amount of ashes were held in an urn on a unit in the living room at her home, guarded by Jacqui’s pet snake. The rest of her mum’s remains are buried with her dad in a cemetery in Linlathen.

    Mum-of-four Jacqui had a group of friends round drinking with her and stepped out of the room when the incident happened two months ago.

    But it was witnessed by a friend who only decided to tell her what happened this week.

    Jacqui said: “How could someone do something like this? It is beyond belief that this happened in my own home.

    “She just took the ashes from the top of my unit and started snorting them. My friend witnessed the whole thing and decided I should be told. I don’t go anywhere near the ashes because they are guarded by my pet snake.

    “I had no reason to check them until I was told what happened.

    “I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. What would make someone do something like that?

    “My mum meant the world to me and, apart from anything else, how could someone do something so disrespectful?”

    She added: “The girl has tried to contact me by phone but I haven’t seen her since. I don’t know what I would say to her but I know she will never set foot in this house again.

    “I’ve considered phoning the police about it but what can they do? I don’t even know if it’s a criminal offence or if it’s theft? Even though she was drunk and trying to show-off it’s a horrible and nasty thing to do. ”

    The family friend who witnessed the snorting incident said: “I was shocked and disgusted. We had all been drinking and she just seemed to think it was fun and showing off about it.

    “It’s worse than jumping on someone’s grave. It’s so disrespectful to the memory of someone’s mum and gran and I can’t believe it happened.”

    Jacqui added: “After mum was cremated I scattered some of her ashes in a favourite spot but kept a small amount back to make into jewellery.

    “I thought it would be nice to put some of her ashes into a ring or necklace but now there is nothing left for me to do that with.”

    James Moncur
    Daily Record
    May 27, 2015



  1. Bobob
    I thought for sure this would link to the onion
  2. ianzombie
    So you get in touch with the Daily Record instead?

    I'm going back to bed, i must have woken up in the wrong world.
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