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DEVELOPING... Acid user gets killed by 11 shots from police in Toledo, Ohio

  1. liventruth


  1. Micklemouse
    Where does the acid come into the story? Also, the story says he was shot 9 times, not 11 - still overkill, but please get stories straight. Also please post the full story, not just the link - links die over time.
  2. liventruth
    swim knows an insider ho knows the person shot. ACID. Thank jeebus they didn't make a big deal about it on the news.
  3. Micklemouse
    So the person shot might have taken LSD at some point in their life? Did he also drink alcohol? Smoke tobacco? Chew gum? Apologies if I appear obtuse, but I fail to see the relevance of this sort of hearsay to this story.
  4. sylenth
    i agree. hate to post a one line post but alot of what is posted does'nt make sense to me either. some more details pls.
  5. liventruth
    The person who got shot was on an acid trip and was a bipolar type 1 in a manic episode. He committed police incurred suicide by pulling a gun on the cops after a while of negotiation.
  6. fnord
    Sorry to hear about your friend,was he suicidal at all before taking the LSD?

    lol,another headline by the same people:
    God i hate living in america.
  7. Zoidman
    Wtf I Live In Toledo
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