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Dexedrine shortage in UK. No resolution time indicated.

By MotherSuperior, Apr 19, 2008 | |
  1. MotherSuperior
    SWIM is a long time ADD patient, from childhood into adulthood... on and off has been receiving prescribed Dexedrine(Dexamfetamine) for over 2 decades. This year there has been a few occasions when SWIM has had trouble obtaining these meds from the pharmacy. The pharmacy has informed SWIM that this is due to manufacturing reasons, however, in these events the wholesalers(all 3 major UK ones) have been given a resolution time, which has been correct.

    Last week SWIM was informed by SWIMS pharmacy that there was, according to the 2 wholesalers that they used, another manufacturing issue. However, what concerned SWIM is that this time NO resolution time has been given. Notwithstanding this, SWIM pretty much cleared any local pharmacy's of their supply in previous shortages.

    SWIM has a documented history of drug misuse and the prescribing authority, for whatever reason, do not feel comfortable prescribing Retalin although no one understands why(anyone here know why? SWIM saw a letter mentioning that Ritalin had a GREATER scope of abuse-according to THEM- because of IV injection potential although SWIM knows that Dexedrine is pretty easy via this route to.... SWIM assumes that as Dexedrine is less used they don't know this). SWIM is very concerned that as there is no local stock and SWIM is due to be dispensed on Tuesday that SWIM may be forced to lose this... or maybe the docs may have to prescribe Ritalin as the BNF, etc does not recommend stopping this med suddenly.

    SWIM would be interested in hearing if anyone else who receives a LEGAL prescription is in the same boat or if anyone knows more about the 'manufacturing difficulties'... SWIM fears that Dexedrine may cease production soon in the UK altogether as these 'manufacturing difficulties' have been occurring more and more frequently. To close; I have been browsing this site a fair amount but never had much to add or say. I hope this post is inline with site policy.


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