DF addiction, the busy Swimmer, and things in general

By Motorhead · Oct 13, 2009 ·
  1. Motorhead
    Hello everyone, I hope all our Canadian members had a wonderful thanksgiving and that everyone on the forum is well. I'm doing great myself, settling into a life on land with my family in a new province. We moved here at the beginning of the year, and since then I've decided to find work on shore and not go to sea anymore. I still haven't decided what new career path to pursue, so I've had lots of time to spend at home and feed my DF addiction to no end. I'll break down eventually and get a job out of necessity if nothing else lol, but until then you should see my handle in the 'who's online' for most of the day, as it usually is.

    I've been getting a little more active on the forum besides just posting on the board. I was recently invited to join the Cannabis and Newshawks forum crews(cheers guys), and pretty much right away started reviewing older threads that need deletion or cleaning up. There is quite a few in the Cannabis using forum, so I've been picking away at that. It's kind of tedious but addictive in its own right. But it is fun in a way as well, reading some of the older posts. I miss Nicaine!

    So I've been doing that and have also taken to scouring the net looking for pictures for the image gallery, learning to find the report button more often, trying to help out in general with helping newbs along and all that good stuff, and tinkering with my blog.

    A few days ago however I started working on an article that has been fermenting in the back of my mind for some time, and I've started drafting it here in my blog. It's a piece about the changing political scene on the marijuana reform movement in Canada and the US. More specifically how things have kind of reversed in the 2 countries over the last decade. With all the talk of legalization coming out of the US recently I decided it was finally time to get at it. I really enjoy writing, but it can be a time consuming and arduous process for me. Especially with kids running around the house.

    So with all this writing and researching I haven't been doing much posting, or any of the things I mentioned above for that matter lol. There is never enough time. I hope to have this article posted by the end of the month, and I will try and keep an eye out for a juicy news article to post in the meantime. I'm also going to keep blogging about Marc Emery's situation as it unfolds. Pretty quiet lately, but I'm sure there will be some noise when the actual extradition takes place.

    On that note, I haven't heard back about any of my letters yet. Don't know if I will, and our wonderful politicians are still really tight-lipped about the whole thing. Anyways, I'll keep you posted. Cheers all.

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