Dial a drug service in Dublin?

By Lunar Loops · Feb 29, 2008 · ·
  1. Lunar Loops
    SWILL had the misfortune to be listening to Gerry Ryan this morning and the jowelly bigot was going through the morning papers. SWILL was only half listening in an attempt to keep his blood pressure at a reasonable level, but his ears pricked when he heard mention of some service (he thinks in Dublin) that was delivering "ecstasy" to your door. He stated that it was perfectly legal as the drugs involved were not currently scheduled. SWILL's heart sank as he can imagaine what may arise from this piece of journalism. SWILL hates the fact that at every opportunity there are idiots out there wanting to make a quick buck and with no regard to the consequences.

    SWILL is unsure what newspaper this was in and no other details were given. Has any of our Irish members come across this story?

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  1. Silentscream
    I would guess that the reporter was discussing one of many many 'legal high' websites that sell ecstacy alternatives and herbal ecstacy products. (These websites usually carry your usual paraphernalia like bongs and grinders etc as well.)

    The majority of which dont work very well...
  2. Lunar Loops
    It was the fact that you could phone through your order and they would deliver to your door. SWILL was not aware of any headshop offering this service and he was rather more worried that it may involve certain RC's. This raises the profile in a way that can only be damaging.
  3. Alfa
    I think many headshops will offer this service. It sounds like he was ranting on about piperazines and similar party pill products.
  4. Lunar Loops
    You may be right Alfa, but some clarification from some quarter would put SWILL's mind at rest (well in its more natural state, which can hardly be described as rest).
  5. Mr. Giraffe
    Yes, I have encountered this story as well. Grainne Kenny, Europe Against Drugs President, appeared on Joe Duffy's show recently to complain about it.

    It refers to some head shops home delivery of BZPs and other legal 'party pills'. There is nothing illegal about it, of course, but it's being presented as a sleazy, drug mule service by 'anti-drug' campaigners.

    The agenda behind it is Grainne Kenny's often stated desire to have the head shops driven out of business. She has also called for all legal highs to be banned, and falsely claims that the EU has already told Ireland to ban BZPs.

    She has also accused the government of deliberately delaying the banning of the drugs in order to allow a user to die, so that the government can then get media attention when they do ban them, a la the magic mushroom fiasco (when shrooms were outlawed by decree following a brief media storm about the accidental suicide of an alcohol, cannabis and mushroom consuming individual in Dublin).

    If you're a fan of BZPs, you can rest easy for the moment, as Grainne's pleas have so far fallen on deaf governmental ears.
  6. Lunar Loops
    Thanks for that SWIMG. No fans of bovine worming pills in these parts.

    SWILL was well aware of fire&brimstone intentions of the Kenny woman to close down all headshops, but didn't realise she had been on about delivery services. Well it looks like she is being ably assisted by someone in our print media again as this 'story' apparently appears in one of our rags today. Anyone seen it?
  7. Stiney
    Unfortunatly it looks like you spoke a little too soon (3 days too soon to be exact) Giraffe.

    "(3.3.2008, LISBON) Europe has responded today to concerns over the use of the stimulant drug BZP by subjecting it to ‘control measures and criminal provisions’ across the EU Member States. The decision of the Council of the EU was adopted today in the final stage of a three-step procedure designed to respond to potentially threatening new psychoactive drugs in the EU."

    BZP to be controlled under criminal law in all EU member states within one year. Swim was never a fan of the stuff himself but it never makes him happy to see that List of Controlled Substances getting longer, and he is aware that there are alot of fans of the stuff out there, now swim would never consider advising anyone to contravene the laws of the state but the phrase "stock up now" springs to mind.. Still trying to find out which, if any, these other "potentially threatening psychoactive drugs" are. Will report back when I can track down the complete list, that is if it isn't specific to BZP.

    *EDIT* On digging a little deeper it appears BZP is the only victim so far, with the EU status of mcPP, GBL and 1,4-BD under review and stricter regulations for the control of Ketamine also being looked at.
  8. Mr. Giraffe
    ^^ Thanks for the update, Stiney. As I noted, Grainne Kenny has been telling the media that the EU has ordered Ireland to ban BZPs. Perhaps she lives in the future.

    This is no great surprise, of course. The head shop industry has been waiting for this for the last two years, and really expected it to have happened by now. I was somewhat surprised that the Irish government didn't go it alone and ban it previously, since the matter has been brought to their attention by several campaigners and media outlets.

    Despite many people's ambivalence towards the animal worming pill, there's little doubt but that more people will be consuming dirty and illegal drugs after these popular pills are withdrawn.

    ETA: Perhaps a EU to ban BZPs thread would be in order...?
  9. Mint boi
    This may have been spurred by one particular headstore in Dublin that has recently launched its website and phone order service, and seems to be pushing the service quite a bit.
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