Dick Pics

By la fee brune · Dec 10, 2016 · ·
  1. la fee brune
    Why do so many men feel compelled to share them with us ladies?

    Yes, you're a man. Yes, I know you have a penis. No, I'm not particularly impressed.

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    la fee brune
    Opium fiend, bon vivant, and all-around pain in the ass.

    Annoying others since 1982.


  1. Beenthere2Hippie
    Not looking is always an option. Who cares why they do it. Just take the
    Nothing to see here. Moving on... attitude.
  2. foremoreaddict
    Maybe they are just trying to tell you something about their personality. I mean surely that's the only reason you would be interested in men.
  3. trolog
    The reason men do this is because they(we) are visual creatures, they think because they love looking at women's gentials then surely it must be the other way round. They stupidly make the assumption that this will turn on the receiptent. It's embarrassing really, I made the same mistake when I was 13-14(I started early) but quickly learned this approach was disgusting and tacky!

    I know this offers no help to your unwanted dick pic gallery, but I appoligise on behalf of every man.

    Also you could always go Facebook friends and post it on HIS wall :) just a lil suggestion.
  4. trolog
    As a man I'd be really disgusted if random women send me pictures of their pussy without my permission, thankfully this is a rare occurrence! I have many female friends and they have a wealth of dick pics sent to them by seemingly normal and nice guys who then send a dick pic.. Also I'd hate my partner getting these pics as hates it when I get the odd unwanted topless shot (once again a much rarer occurrence for men)

    I do agree you should belittle, maybe a "oh wow that's so brave to send a picture of something so small, I admire your courage, but I only date fully developed men" or maybe giving advise about how women work much differently than men in terms of sexuality.
  5. foremoreaddict
    I'm not sure if I necessarily buy the "visual creature" male predisposition thing. I mean at least half-naked women have been in every form of media and advertising imaginable since I was born so it's pretty damn hard not to be visually indoctrinated. And most of those media/advertising companies are run by men.
  6. detoxin momma
    maybe its the same reason women post pictures of their body parts..??
    i feel the same way about tit pics....yes, tits, thats great, we all have some, or have seen some.
    doesnt everyone that does that think they are offering something special up??

    I see it as a way of trying to gain acceptance, without having to actually take much effort.
  7. foremoreaddict
    I feel the same way about faces. Yes, you're a human. Yes, I know you have a face. No, I'm not particularly
    impressed. ;)
  8. aemetha
    I think, as a man we want a woman to want our penis. I mean, it's only natural really, it is our primary sexual organ. I understand from talking to women about the subject that most women view the penis as functional at best, and not an object for aesthetic appreciation (There are of course some exceptions), but that's hard for a man to understand because our penis is so essential to our sexual functioning. We want to have sex, ergo we want you to want our sexual organ, ergo we want you to appreciate our sexual organ the same way we do.

    Having said that, no sexual advance should be made without the consent of the subject, and that includes sending pictures of sexual organs. It's one thing to upload a picture of your penis to an area specifically designated for the purpose, it's quite another thing to send pictures of it without solicitation.
  9. la fee brune
    I guess I could not look (although that's not exactly easy for me with OCD), but I find this phenomenon interesting from a psychological standpoint. It's kind of puzzling to me how there can be such a huge disconnect between men's perception of how a woman will receive the dick pics and how women usually react to them.

    I don't consider myself a prude, and I'm not offended by them, they just don't particularly turn me on. Anybody who talked to me for more than five minutes would know I'd get much more excited about seeing pictures of a guy's collection of opium pipes or his beard. I *love* beard porn. :D

    I think women posting pictures of themselves or sending them to guys are doing it for an entirely different reason, and I think that DM touches on an interesting point. Everybody here knows I used to post tons of pictures of myself in that "indecent exposure" thread. In a culture where we play with Barbies our whole childhoods and the prettiest girl is always the one who gets to live in the castle with Prince Charming, hearing a man praise your appearance feels so damn good. It just does. And it's easy. Attention from men should be considered an addictive substance.
  10. foremoreaddict
    Aemetha; I would rather a women for her personality, prefers the same from me and the rest will happen naturally.
  11. beentheredonethatagain
    I could not imagine anyone being so dumb and weird as to think that a stranger or chat friend would want to be flashed like a perv on a bus.. My man parts are the parts that girls dream about and yes I am proud to put them on display but with a woman that I am already fucking , real life fucking.. Then and maybe and maybe not ,depends on the girl, but not going to act like a star and swing this around at people as if its new.
    Any way I would love to get a snapshot of beaver or clevage. I won't respond in kind but will respond.:crazy
  12. the elusive eye
    it's easy, and it boils down to simple biology.

    men have XY where women have XX. that Y, having only 3 branches, is missing the 4th branch that women have on that chromosome...the part where things like charm, tact, wit, and other social abilities (not to mention life skills such as asking for directions, preparing/storing food without a microwave, or doing laundry - properly, not all together on cold to be safe) are encoded for women.

    since men don't have charm or wit, they prove their lack of tact by using the only unique thing they know: their penis.

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